Taiwanese couple parodies #Followmeto meme and it's hilarious

Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien, a Taiwanese couple, are in the limelight after releasing these hilarious images as a parody of the incredibly popular #followmeto meme. Their post has gone viral, reaching more than 135,000 likes and over 39,000…

No helicopter needed: How drones are opening the sky for filmmakers

Indie filmmakers working on a tight budget couldn't believe their luck when quadcopter technology flew into view. DT caught up with Oregon-based director Tim Cash to find out what impact the gear has had on his work.

Filmmakers desecrate Yellowstone landmark, and social media was not impressed

A group of filmmakers is the subject of an intense social media backlash after deciding to hop a fence and walk out onto Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring. The group has issued an apology, but many are still angry.
Virtual Reality

Facebook’s Here and Now VR film puts you in New York’s Grand Central Station

Explore Grand Central Station in 'Here and Now,' Facebook's first VR film shot with its recently announced Surround 360 camera rig -- that's right, the 360-degree camera that costs $30,000 to build.

Xiaomi's YI Action Camera 2 can film in 4K for two hours

Xiaomi has unveiled the YI 4K Action Camera 2, their latest action camera that combines the best of what GoPro’s Hero4 lineup has to offer at half the cost. The YI 2 can film in 4K at 30 frames-per-second for 2 hours.

Hilarious video perfectly captures love/hate relationship editors have with videos

Being a creative in this day and age can be a tough, time-consuming, and painstaking process. Many people may never know the stresses that go into producing content that they consume every day -- but this hilarious video…
Product Review

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review

Not obsessed with mirrorless cameras yet? Here's your gateway drug.

18 years and 2.8 billion miles later, the ISS celebrates its 100,000th orbit with an incredible sunrise time-lapse

To celebrate 100,000 orbits around Earth from the International Space Station, U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams shared an incredible time-lapse video showing the sun rising above Earth.

Models arrested in Iran over ‘un-Islamic’ photos posted on Instagram

An undercover police operation on social media use in Iran has led to the arrests of eight women identified as Instagram models. A court in the country has accused the women of spreading "un-Islamic" posts on the app.
Social Media

Does Twitter’s new ‘Live’ streaming button signal the end for Periscope app?

Twitter for Android is testing a new "Live" camera button that connects to Periscope, allowing users to quickly launch live broadcasts. The feature sees Twitter once again playing catch-up with rival Facebook Live.

Enter your office dog in the #StartPup contest

Video marketing and analytics platform Wistia is teaming up with Humane Society International to launch #StartPup, the world's first competition to find and crown the top office dog in each international startup center.
Social Media

Facebook launching Slideshow feature with real songs courtesy of Warner Music

Facebook is licensing popular songs from Warner Music for a new Slideshow feature that will let users add soundtracks to their photo and video collages. The social network confirms that the update is being tested in Australia this week.