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GoPro is working on a new mobile app that will let you edit and share videos

GoPro president Tony Bates announced on Tuesday the company has been working on a new mobile app that will allow users to edit and share videos from their mobile device. The app is in its final phase of testing and should launch by the end of the summer.


Sony jumps on the drone bandwagon with a new venture called Aerosense

Rather than jumping in the ring with consumer drone companies like DJI, Parrot, and others, Sony's new venture, Aerosense Inc., plans to use drones to provide aerial surveying services to businesses.

Cool Tech

To deter poachers, South Africa is filling rhino horns with cameras and GPS

Protect has developed a new anti-poaching system called RAPID (Real-time Anti Poaching Intelligence Device) that aims to solve the problem by embedding video cameras directly into the horns of the remaining rhino population, thereby making it easier for…

Cool Tech

Enlight photo-editing app adds iPad support, new ‘heal’ tool for easy fixes

Promising the power of desktop software, combined with the intuitive use of a smartphone app, Enlight is a new advanced photo editor for iOS that delivers Photoshop-like functions.


Google+ Photos shuts down on August 1: Here’s how to save your photos and videos

Google is shutting down Google+ Photos. Here's how to ensure a seamless transition to the service's replacement, Google Photos. Don't worry -- it's not as scary as it seems.


Instagram at last brings search to Web version

It's been a while coming, but Instagram has finally seen fit to introduce a search tool for the Web version of its photo-sharing service. Rolled out on Monday, the new feature lets users search for content by hashtag, location, and user name

Social Media

Sigma’s new 24-35mm f/2 is like having 3 full-frame prime lenses in one, costs $999

Sigma's new 24-35mm zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture is the first of its kind. It offers three of the most popular fixed focal lengths in prime lenses, eliminating the need to carry multiple lenses.


Storytelling social network Flipagram signs music licensing deals with majors

Flipagram announced it has signed licensing deals with major record companies and music publishers. Users can now easily add popular music into their photo-video slideshows. For the music industry, it taps into Flipagram's growing user base.

Social Media

Yik Yak app steps up its game by introducing photos

Yik Yak, the social app that lets college students anonymously post text-based posts, has announced users will now be able to share photos on the service. Photos must be "mom-safe," and will be approved by moderators before posting.