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Astronaut Scott Kelly is tweeting amazing photos of the Earth from space

Astronaut Scott Kelly, current commander of the International Space Station, uses Twitter to share stunning images of the Earth from space. Photos provide glimpses of our world, in real time, through the eyes of an astronaut.

Keep Sony Weird: Prowling Portland with the disruptive new A7R II and RX10 II (Updated)

Sony continues to revolutionize the camera industry with the Mark II variants of the A7R and RX10. Both cameras feature brand new tech. Here are our first impressions.
Product Review

Canon EOS 5DS R Review

For photography purists, Canon's 5DS R is the holy grail.

What expensive camera filmed this 4K video of London? The iPhone 6S

Thanks to the creative minds at AmnesiArt, the true selling point of the iPhone 6S is being put on stunning display in a 4K video of England's capital city in a video aptly named "Portrait of London."

These seven Android phones might actually have better cameras than the iPhone 6S

It seemed as certain as death and taxes that the iPhone would always have the best smartphone camera in the world. However, things have dramatically changed as seven Android phones are now ranked higher than the iPhone 6S.
Social Media

Facebook continues push for video content with new feed dedicated to video

Facebook believes your news feed will be filled with videos in the near future and is already testing a news feed dedicated to those videos shared by your friends and the pages that you follow.

Lexar now has half-terabyte SD cards

If you feel the need for more storage or performance out of your SD cards, Lexar looks to have you covered. Its new releases add extra capacity and speed to its various lines of SD cards, giving you more choice than ever before.