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Vine update for iOS lets you follow channels and post straight from Photos app

Vine has rolled out another update for the iOS version of the popular short-video app. This latest one lets you easily follow channels via a new "+" button, as well as share videos straight from Photos and other apps.


Flickr’s simple ‘Park or Bird’ tool is actually a demo of complex image recognition

Flickr's new "Park or Bird" analyzes a photo to tell you if it was photographed in a national park, and if it contains a bird. It seems useless, but it demonstrates the work Flickr's computer vision team is putting into image search.


Control your DSLR’s shutter remotely from an Android device with this free app

ShutterBOT is a free app for IR-equipped Android phones and tablets that let you control a DSLR camera's shutter remotely. It supports nearly every major DSLR, and popular devices like Samsung's Galaxy S5.


GoPro footage shows camera mauled by grizzly bear, GoPro survives (sort of)

A British filmmaker in Canada recently looked on as a grizzly bear gave his GoPro camera a good going over. Fortunately the animal didn't disappear into the woods with the device, leaving the filmmaker with some unique footage.


Strengthen the bond of Sony camera lenses with this replacement mount

Some Sony camera owners have reported loose connections in their E-mount cameras with heavier lenses and third-party lenses. The Tough E-mount from Fotodiox is an accessory that strengthens that connection.


Yahoo finally rolls out Flickr for iPad

Yahoo has just launched an iPad-optimized version of Flickr, offering photography enthusiasts with an Apple tablet a richer, smoother experience than the mobile site that went before.


There's no such thing as the perfect camera, but Nikon's D750 is damn close

The Nikon D750 DSLR is an excellent example of what full-frame cameras can do. It produces beautiful photos and videos. But does it justify its high price? Yes, it does.

  • Pros: Beautiful full-frame stills , Excellent 1080/60p movies…
  • Cons: Expensive , Shutter speed tops out at 1/4,000 , Underexposes…

Why can’t the dollar look like this? Norway’s Krone gets an 8-bit makeover

Norway recently held a competition for new banknote designs. The central bank has chosen a pixel motif, created by the architectural firm Snohetta, gives the note a traditional and modern expression.


Street shooters likely to steer clear of Leica’s latest limited-edition camera

Leica's launched another limited-edition camera. The Leica X 'Edition Moncler' is the result of a collaboration between the camera maker and French-Italian clothing firm Moncler, and features a flashy color scheme that'll have street shooters running a mile.


Don’t cry for Aperture’s loss, Adobe helps users migrate files to Lightroom

Adobe is wasting no time in luring users away from Apple's Aperture. The company has created a guide that helps Aperture users migrate their photos over to Lightroom.


For $78k, Canon will sell you ‘world’s longest’ 4K ultra-telephoto cinema lens

Canon just announced the world's longest 4K ultra-telephoto zoom lens for Super 35mm cinema cameras. At $78,000, it isn't for the rest of us, but for professional videographers and filmmakers.


Grids app for OS X makes Instagram viewing on desktops more fluid and interactive

Viewing your Instagram feeds on a desktop browser has always felt second-class. Grids, a third-party client, brings a more beautiful, intuitive, and interactive experience to Mac OS X.

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This camera could help your bathroom mirror know when you’re hungover

Imagine every connected device in your home being equipped with camera, which knew everything from your mood to your age, syncing up with an app on your phone to help make life better. That's what the Omron HVC-C camera could do in the future.


Samsung Xpress C1860FW review

Samsung’s Xpress C1860FW offers fast output and great quality prints, even on photo paper. Unfortunately, a high retail price and lack of duplexing holds it back.

  • Pros: Fast prints , Great-looking output , Excellent connectivity
  • Cons: Expensive for home use , Toner replacement costs are high…

Leica T (Typ 701) review

The ultra-luxurious Leica T is crafted from a solid block of aluminum, but is its performance as good as its looks are? Find out more about Leica's first mirrorless camera.

  • Pros: Beautiful aluminum body , Clever battery locking mechanism…
  • Cons: No tiltable display , Unorthodox menu system , Slow and…