Gitzo updates high-end Systematic tripods to make them even sturdier

Gitzo has taken its impressive carbon-fiber Systematic tripod line a step further with new materials and components that improve ease of use while further increasing stability. The company also introduced a new line of carbon monopods.
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GoPro Hero5 Black Review

GoPro stays king of the slopes, half pipes, and trails with the Hero5 Black.

ExoLens wants its lenses to be your go-to accessory for your iPhone 7

On Wednesday, ExoLens, which partners with Zeiss on high-quality phone accessory lenses, announced two new lines of lenses for the iPhone 7, which it hopes to bring their high-quality system to users ranging from professional to consumer.

Digital picture frames give way to smart frames: Aura curates your best photos

The Aura isn't an ordinary digital picture frame -- it will curate your photos for you using facial detection (and a nudity filter) to choose the best photos from your smartphone.

Aerial photography industry expected to grow despite drone regulations

New drone and imaging technology may be met with new regulations like the FAA's new commercial UAV laws, but the aerial photography industry is still expected to grow by over 12 percent.

When stock meets social: EyeEm will now license select images with Adobe Stock

Users of the hybrid stock and social photo platform EyeEm can now license images through Adobe Stock -- if, that is, the photos are hand selected to be part of the Premium Collection.

Lights, camera, backpack! Betabrand's new bag has a built-in reflector

Betabrand, the same company behind the anti-paparazzi clothing line, has unveiled Flash Bag, a camera bag with an integrated light reflector. In addition to a foil-lined flap, the Flash Bag offers eight pockets and modular dividers.

When it comes to camera zoom, here's why only optical matters

Digital camera zoom is described as optical and digital, but when it comes to true image quality, only one matters. We'll explain the difference between the two, and why one is more important than the other.

Free-running camera operator blurs line between cameraman and stuntman

The enigmatic "Gimbalninja" has been recognized for his daring feats of cinematic bravery before, which combine the athleticism of parkour with Hollywood-grade movie cameras, but his latest clip is absolutely jaw-dropping.
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Versatile photography drone may just be a cinematographer’s dream come true

PowerVision Technology Group has the answer to your drone photography dreams, courtesy of its versatile PowerEye professional cinematography drone, which is now available for pre-order.

Pentax’s full-frame camera can shoot steadier long exposures with a new electronic shutter

Shooting without internal vibrations from the camera is now possible for Pentax K-1 shooters with a new firmware update that includes an electronic shutter. The firmware update also brings square crop settings.

Three simple ways to ‘crush’ the blacks in Photoshop for a faded film look

Photographer Mathieu Stern shows three quick and simple ways to get a faded film aesthetic in your digital images with a little help from Photoshop and clever changes made to adjustment layers.