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Samsung debuts multi-function laser printer

The machines have been designed to be as compact as possible, and the paper input/output is completely self-contained for saving even more space. Thus, the all–in–one machine will occupy no more space than a simple laser printer does, a major advantage in a small office.

The digital SCX-4216F functions as a laser printer, fax machine, copier and scanner. The button layout is easy for anyone to use. The machine prints and copies at 16 pages per minute and sends fax messages at 33.6Kbps. A Poster function allows the user to copy enlarged images in sections, and the Auto-Fit feature will make small images fill the paper size completely. A built-in memory provides various conveniences such as automatic sorting of copies. The 2-up function will place the images of two original copies on a single sheet, and using the one-touch toner saver button can cut operation costs up to 40%, a major consideration when buying a new copier today.

Product Specifications

1. Printer Functions
– Resolution: 600 x 600 dots per inch
– Print speed: 16 pages/minute

2. Copier Functions
– Resolution: enhanced real 600 dots per inch
– Copy speed: 16 pages/minute
– Copy enlargement/reduction: 25%-400%
– Continuous copy: up to 999 sheets

3.Scanner Functions
– Resolution: 600 x 600 dots per inch
– Scanner: charge coupled device (capable of 3D scans)

4.Facsimile Machine Functions (on SCX-4216F only)
– Speed: 33.6Kpbs
– Automatic feed: 30 sheets
– Memory: 4MB

5.Other Specifications
– Dimensions: 445mm x 419mm x 405mm
– Auto feeder: tray (holds up to 250 sheets)

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