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Samsung debuts SyncMaster 213T LCD monitor

The SyncMaster 213T will be available at retail and channel locations across the U.S. in May 2003. “With its fifth generation plant in full production, Samsung is the only manufacturer that producesits own displays from nuts to bolts. As a result, Samsung is able to offer its customers best-of-breed technologies at affordable price points,” states Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing forSamsung’s Digital Information Technology Division (DITD). “The 213T flat panel monitor offers all the benefits of the latest digital technology, superior image quality and many additionalfeatures that users look for when selecting a high-end display.”

Sporting a fashionable silver color, the SyncMaster 213T features an ultra-narrow bezel that is just 0.73″ wide! With its removable base and sleek dimensions, the 213T is designed to be lined side-by-side or stacked on top of other 213T monitors for a continuous flow of virtually uninterrupted data. This new monitor is ideal for financial institutions such as the stock market or any application where two displays are positioned side-by-side.

Created for use in open-air business and consumer environments, the slim 213T is loaded with robust ergonomic features including a built-in swivel base design so the display can be rotated 90º. Samsung’s latest large-screen LCD features Pivot® software by Portrait Displays and comes with a swivel base for switching between portrait and landscape viewing. With Pivot, users have full-page viewing capabilities of 8-1/2 x 11 or A4 documents without having to scroll. The 213T is also height adjustable allowing the user to move the screen up or down to best suit individual viewing preferences.

The SyncMaster 213T gives users the option of using either a digital or analog interface for viewing images and text. The Digital Video Interface (DVI) ensures a shaper, cleaner image and a more accurate representation of the original video source. Since video starts out digital in a PC graphics card, the digital output is directly interfaced to the digital input of the LCD panel and always provides the optimum quality image. In addition, no end-user adjustments are required with a digital display, even when randomly changing resolutions.

When used with an analog input, the 213T offers an easy-access, one-button auto calibration system for greater control over the on-screen image allowing for quick proportioning of screen geometry, contrast, brightness and clock-phase. The On Screen Display system features a comprehensive menu of controls, including auto adjustment, color and image size.

For users who demand image display perfection, the SyncMaster 213T features Samsung’s Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA), the latest technology advancement in liquid crystal cell structure for improved viewing. The display offers an extra-wide 170° viewing angle, an exceptionally high brightness rate of 250cd/m2, a 500:1 contrast ratio and an extremely fast response time of less than 25 milliseconds. The 213T is ideal for those who require data and graphics that are accurately displayed with photo-realistic image quality including motion video applications, 3D technologies, entertainment, gaming and Web design. The 213T has an ultra-fine pixel pitch of .27 mm and offers a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200.

The SyncMaster 213T meets TCO ’99 standards for low emissions and incorporate a power management system that complies with VESA, DPMS, Energy2000 and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Standards for energy efficient reduced power consumption.

Samsung backs all of its monitors with a three-year, parts and labor warranty as well as toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, Samsung offers a three-year Advanced Replacement Program, three-year Repair & Return or Exchange and three-year Shuttle Exchange for hassle-free repairs. For more information about Samsung’s SyncMaster monitors or for the name of the dealer nearest you, contact Samsung toll-free at 1-800-SAMSUNG or via the Internet at www.samsungusa.com/monitor.