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Smove gives smartphone videos a steady hand, auto-follow, and backup battery

Smartphone stabilizers help combat the awkward grip that arises when shooting with a smartphone — but one startup is aiming to add more than just stability. The Smove is a smart stabilizer capable of automatically shooting 360-degree panoramas and tracking faces — and it doubles as a backup battery.

With over two weeks left on the stabilizer’s Indiegogo campaign, the Smove has already smashed through the initial $20,000 funding goal, and has raised over half a million dollars to fund production costs.

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The Smove works to stabilize handheld smartphone videos both vertically and horizontally, even while shooting on the move. But while there are a number of smartphone stabilizers and grips on the market, the Smove is also motorized, which allows it to automatically turn and capture a 180 or 360 panorama by rotating the phone around the base.

That same motorized base also allows for an auto-follow feature. When the smartphone camera detects a face, the Smove can be set up to keep that person in the frame, using the motorized base to follow their movements and keep them in the footage.

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Since the motorized face-follow and 360 features require a built-in battery, a simple micro USB port and cable allows users to siphon off some of that built-in 5,200mAh battery to charge their smartphone while recording. Designers say the Smove will last for up to six hours of continuous use.

Smove, compatible with iPhones from the 5 to the 7 Plus as well as all Samsung Galaxy phones, folds for easily stashing in a bag or even a pocket.

The motorized stabilizer is expected to ship to backers in December, with the initial production run already in progress. Pledges for the smart stabilizer start at $119 — $130 off the expected retail price. The Smove stabilizer is the first Indiegogo from the company of the same name, which is based in New York.