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Black, Silver, or Session? Which GoPro is right for you?

Despite being designed for one specific purpose — to shoot action — GoPro packs a lot of features into such a small camera. This is part of the reason why they’re so popular, but it can also make it kind of difficult to figure out which GoPro model best suits your needs. Although GoPro has recently pared down its line up to these three models, comparing the specs between them remains a difficult task given the sheer amount of brand-specific jargon the company uses. I mean, does anyone know what “ProTune” is?

Thankfully, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now come standard on all new GoPro models. That means that you can use the GoPro app or a dedicated remote with your camera. The aforementioned ProTune, a feature that functions akin to the the manual setting on a DSLR, is also now available on all new GoPro models. So what sets each apart? Check out the flowchart and breakdown below.

Which GoPro if right for you?


To help you get an idea for which GoPro model is right for you, we’ve made this crazy flowchart. Follow it to arrive at a GoPro model that’ll suit your needs and your budget.

gopro flowchart v2
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