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Windows 10 Mobile’s camera app could finally add a built-in panorama feature

windows camera finally gets panorama microsoft lumia  xl
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

The native camera app on Windows 10 Mobile could be seeing a long-overdue update with the addition of a built-in panorama mode — something iOS and Android has had for years. Formerly a separate Lumia app, the panorama app has since been discontinued as Windows worked to add the feature to the pre-installed camera.

A Tweet from the Windows Insider Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc revealed earlier this week that the panorama feature should be coming out “soon” for the Windows Lumia 950 cameras.

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Windows users could get panorama shots from separate apps after the camera features were divvied up into multiple programs back in version 8.1, including the Lumia Panorama. But the Lumia Panorama isn’t compatible with Windows 10. Last fall, Microsoft stopped supporting the app saying it would eventually be merged into the more all-in-one Windows Camera app. Along with the Panorama app, Microsoft stopped supporting several others to create an integrated app, including the Refocus, Storyteller, Beamer, and Video Uploader. While the switch didn’t remove the apps from phones, the separate camera apps are no longer available for download.

According to WindowsBlogItalia, the panorama feature works by moving the phone from side to side, unlike the stitching individual images together in Lumia Panorama. The app also won’t be available on every Windows Mobile phone, but is initially only for new models including the Lumina 950 and 950 LX.

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While “soon” doesn’t offer much of a timeline as to when users will see the addition, it does appear to be coming. In the same tweet, LeBlanc said the ability to switch off auto enhancements isn’t currently in the works.

In the meantime, users can still choose from a number of third-party panorama apps like Photosynth and Pano.