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Iconic wrestler Sting revealed as the pre-order launch exclusive for WWE 2K15

Entertaining crowds for nearly 30 years, legendary wrestler Sting (real name Steve Borden) has been announced as the pre-order launch exclusive character for 2K Games’ WWE 2K15.

For the uninitiated, Sting gained most of his notoriety in the 1990s with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) main competitor at the time. Sting has been the centerpiece of many storylines in the wrestling world for years, including the epic feud between two factions of the WCW that broke out in the mid-90s. The WCW vs. nWo ‘rivalry’ prominently featured Sting, and even those with a passing knowledge of wrestling were aware of the battle lines drawn.

After stints in various wrestling federations including NWA, WCW, and TNA, holding championship belts in each of these organizations, Sting finally moved to WWE in April 2014. To celebrate the legend finally coming to the biggest wrestling federation, 2K Sports has chosen Sting as the pre-order launch exclusive character. The download comes with two versions of the character: the WCW Sting, who wore black and white face paint during the “Monday Night War” era, and his earlier look, highlighted by bright colors and a blond, crew-cut hairstyle.