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‘NBA 2K14’ next-gen ‘OMG’ trailer soothes you with stunning graphics and Phil Collins

We all knew that the next-gen would be pretty, but did you expect that it would be this pretty? NBA 2K14 is already a sharp-looking game, but as Ryan pointed out in his review of the current-gen release, a major upgrade is long overdue. Enter NBA 2K14, the next-gen edition. Arriving in November 2013 alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, you can expect this to be one of the early games that really showcases the eye candy-producing power of the new machines.

Feeling doubtful? Check out that new trailer. It’s got everything! Realistic facial expressions. Jerseys and shorts that billow and shift as the players move around. James Harden’s crazy beard. Phil Collins. Next-generation stuff, kiddies. Can you handle it? Think carefully on that before you hit play. Then hit play anyway.