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Sony Playstation Vita video review

If your primary reason for considering the PlayStation Vita is for games, you won’t be disappointed. All my main issues with the Vita were all unrelated to the gaming.

The Vita is the next big gaming device, but it is not the next big gadget for a few reasons. The price is already on the high side, but adding in the hidden costs of things like the proprietary memory cards makes the Vita tough to justify if you are on a strict budget. The weak cameras and lack of Flash or HTML5 also hold the device back, as do the limitations on the video files.

You need to consider all of these issues when looking at the Vita. It is like a tablet, but it is not one. It is similar to a smartphone, but in a different class. If, however, you are looking for a gaming system that towers over the rest, Sony’s PlayStation Vita is the device for you.