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CES 2010 Roundup and Impressions

We decided to once again make the trek out to Las Vegas to get our own impression of all the hype coming out of CES. We didn’t go last year, and we missed it a little, so we had to go this year. By far the biggest theme of the show this year was 3D…


AV After Dark: The Future of Online Content Delivery and More

Thanks for listening and everyone have a happy New Year. You can find AV Rant at www.avrant.com. We really enjoy these collaborations and hope you do too. Thanks to listener Ted for both the Intro and Outro music. Check out more of his work…


2009 Prediction Results

Each year we try to predict what will happen in our industry and each year we usually miss the mark. On today’s show we take a look back at our predictions for 2009. Today’s Show: News: Amazon gives away digital movies with disc purchase 8 Companies That…


Last Minute Shopping Guide 2009

You know we're always looking out for you, so we've decided to revisit the last minute shopping guide we assembled last year. We know you've been busy, and so have we, but if you screw up on the gift you get for special someone in your life, you'll be paying…


Can Dell’s Adamo XPS Shoot Down Apple’s MacBook Air?

After years without a competitor lustworthy enough to challenge its crown, the MacBook Air finally faces some thin competition from Dell’s new Adamo XPS. Rob Enderle talks about his hands on experiences with “the hottest Windows 7 laptop,” and how its…


Walking the Fine Line of Music Video Game Copyrights

Music-based games like Rock Band generate huge profits, but not everyone thinks they’re getting a fair cut. Rob Enderle discusses recent copyright issues, such as the injunction issued by EMI against BlueBeat.com over distributing unlicensed re-mastered…


Best Budget Tech Gifts: Top Holiday Gadget Gifts

We review some the best budget tech gift ideas for people who also want to say in a low price range while shopping online.


Mastering Mobile Photography and Mobile Video

Taking photos and videos with your mobile phone is perfect for catching priceless memories on the fly– but are you a quick-draw Mobile Mcgraw?  It’s time to leave your digital camera at home because in this podcast we’ll give you the tips…


Why Calling is Better than Text Messaging for Men and Women Who are Dating

In what situations should you call the person you’re dating rather than send them the message in a text or email? The fact of the matter is that men and women are calling each other less and less—but with good reason—with so many other easy forms of…


Texting Dos and Don’ts: Relationship and Dating Text Messaging Etiquette

Find out why texting and cell phone etiquette are so important for relationships and dating. We get the scoop on common texting faux pas, plus free dating tips and advice from the experts at Askmen.com.


An Android Phone That Can Beat the iPhone

Android phones are being thrusts into the consumer market from all angles these days. In this podcast, the panel goes into detail on Android phones’ strengths and why these new smartphones are more than just an ‘iPhone wannabe.’ With every Android phone…

Android Army

How To Build A Home Theater Under $1500

If you want to build a home theater that won’t have you hemorrhaging cash, then listen up because this podcast is for you. We get connected with Brent Butterworth, contributing technical editor to Sound and Vision Magazine, and work out the perfect budget…


HDTV Trends of 2010

With 3DTVs powered by widgets entering family rooms sometime in 2010, it really feels like we are living in the future we all dreamed about. How high can TV refresh rates get before the human eye fails to tell what is reality and what’s not? Will…


Was Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch A Success?

The panel discusses Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch: thoughts on how the new operating system was executed and if it generated a new buzz and respect for the company.  Moreover, we talk about how we think Microsoft’s adorable ads of young Kylie making a…


Choosing a Windows 7 Version: Home, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate

Windows Vista users, your long-overdue reprieve has finally arrived: Today you can walk into your local software retailer and pick up your very own copy of Windows 7.  The days of constant crashes, long boot times and endless updates are finally over –…