Trends with Benefits: $50 Fire tablets, Apple helps Spotify, 3D-printed TSA Keys

On this week's episode we check out Amazon's new lineup of Fire products, talk about the 'move to iOS' movement, and examine how Apple Music is actually is helping Spotify.

Trends with Benefits: Digging into Apple’s new arsenal

Listen in as the Digital Trends round-table of experts breaks down everything you need to know from Apple's latest event, from the iPhone 6S to the new Apple TV.

Trends with Benefits: 4K phones, OLED takeover, Star Wars toys and DIY helicopters

This week the DT round-table talks IFA 2015, the largest electronics show in Europe. This year brought a slew of new product announcements, along with some clear signals of where the future of 4K and OLED television is headed.

Trends with Benefits: The next iPhone and IFA Berlin are right around the corner

IFA Berlin kicks off next week, and shortly after, Apple will unveil its latest iPhone at an event in San Francisco. The Digital Trends team discusses what's in store for both at these blockbuster events.

Trends with Benefits: Busted cheaters, Google routers, and a fire drill

Wondering how a site based on secrecy gets hacked? Well, if you catch yourself pointing and laughing at the victims of the Ashley Madison data breach, just remember that your personal information is essentially just as safe as theirs was.

Trends with Benefits: Robot bartenders, lawnmowers, and the holy grail of ear buds

Special guest Eric Tsoi of Pear Design joins us this week to discuss his company's insane new wireless earbuds, plus lawnmowing and beer-delivering robots, and Samsung's sweet new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Edge Plus.

Trends with Benefits: Hypersonic jets, hoverboards, drug-dropping drones and more

This week's Trends with Benefits podcasts covers Windows 10 install issues, webcam hacking, Lexus' new hoverboard, Airbus' hypersonic, and how drones are now being uses to drop illegal drugs into prisons.

Trends with Benefits: Windows 10, heartbeat paint and selfie drones

On this week's podcast, we talk about the ups and downs of Windows 10, a car cloaked in special Luminor paint that lights up when your heart beats, Amazon's latest drone plans, and yes, Samsung's effort to build a drone that takes selfies.

Trends with Benefits: Gun drones, flying cars, fancy fishin’ and the fall of ESPN

On this week's podcast, we talk about ESPN's streaming woes, the advent of drones, flying cars, and an irrational hatred of paragliders and raspberry beer.

Trends with Benefits: Kickstarter trolls, Periscope, and great TVs to buy

We run down all our favorite stories of the week, including bacon-flavored seaweed, hot tub hammocks, and a bad rash of Kickstarter trolls that threaten to ruin a great new product.

Trends with Benefits: Augmented reality and terraforming the moon

is Google relaunching a dud with Google Glass 2.0? The marketing appears to be towards "professionals," but will the new design be enough to overcome the bad publicity version 1.0 received? Microsoft's Hololens certainly has more appeal…

Trends with Benefits: Emojis for your car, Apple Music, copious grape Crush

Officially this week's show covers our hands-on impressions of Apple Music, dudes aiming shotguns at drones, and emojis for your car. But really we just drink a bunch of Grape Crush and mess around on Periscope with sugar buzzes.