Trends with Benefits: How Google builds the ‘Map of You’

Our round table of tech experts discusses and debates how truly useful Google's newly redesigned security and privacy controls actually are.

Trends with Benefits: The Best of Google I/O and the Pizza Box Projector

Google I/O is on our minds this week as we patch Nick in from Google's grandest show of the year. Conspiracy Dan, the Gravity Light, and a Pizza Projector Box also make the rounds in this week's show.

Serial seasons 2 and 3 are on the way, podcast returns Fall 2015

The creators of Serial have announced they are currently reporting both the second and third seasons of the hit podcast. Season 2 will air in Fall 2015, with Season 3 making its debut in the spring of 2016.

Trends with Benefits: Spotify world domination, KFC keyboards, a roll-up TV

Spotify wants to get into more than just music, KFC has a keyboard especially for your greasy fingers, and LG has an OLED TV you can literally unfurl and stick to the wall with magnets.

Trends with Benefits: Ferraris, Quake and conquest with gaming legend Thresh

You may know Dennis Fong as Thresh, the CEO of Raptr, or a Quake legend, but more likely you know him as the man who won John Carmack's Ferrari in a moment that defined the nascent days of pro gaming.

Trends with Benefits: HoloLens hands on, a facelyzer to replace the breathalyzer

What it's like to use the HoloLens, Star Wars toys are starting before the movie is even out, Elon Musk is still a genius, and the cops can scan your face to see if you're drunk.

Trends with Benefits: Apple Watch tattoo trouble, HoloLens destined for debauchery

Inside the Digital Trends Car of the Year Awards, the Apple's Watch's tattoo trouble, all the wrong reasons to buy a Microsoft HoloLens, and the fall of the iconic MasterLock.

Trends with Benefits: In the future, we’ll watch Fuller House on a Tesla-powered wall

Google wants to be your mobile carrier and turn your home's walls into screens, Netflix wants to reboot Full House, and Tesla wants to power your home with a battery. Ain't the future grand?
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Interview: Will AI be dangerous or benign? It’s up to us, says Ex Machina director

In the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, a young coder interacts with the world's first true artificial intelligence. Director Alex Garland talks with Digital Trends about how close humans are to achieving that dream, and whether it's really…

Trends with Benefits: Talking robochefs, VR with the man behind The Manual

Six percent of Americans want Apple Watches, Dan wants bio implants, Greg wants VR, Nick wants a robot chef, and Cator wants a glass of Scotch. No one gets what they want, this week on Trends with Benefits.

Trends with Benefits: Would you pay for YouTube? Plus the best shows for binging

Would you pay for YouTube? If not, maybe HBO's streaming service is more your speed -- especially with Game of Throne season five debuting this weekend. We discuss the best shows to binge watch, Google's rumored attempt to buy Twitter, and…

Trends with Benefits: Tesla’s tease, Amazon’s not joking, Minority Report is real

Tesla has something big coming, Amazon wants to sell you stuff with buttons all over your house, Minority Report is real, and a smartphone accessory transforms your iPhone into a Game Boy.