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Amazon Silk – Amazon’s Tablet Web Browser

Amazon debuted two new Kindle tablets today but along with that they’re also introducing a tablet-centric web browser which they’re calling Silk.

So, what makes Silk so special?

Traditionally, web browsers tend to be processing off of the computing powers of their local computer. Silk splits the processes between the local tablet and Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing servers. This is to significantly reduce page load times. Some other features in Silk also help make it speedier. Silk chops down the size images that are larger than necessary for display on the device and displays them at an optimal size.

This one’s a bit weird. The browser will guess which page a user will click next, based on the behavior of other Silk users, and then the assumed page will be pre-loaded before its even selected. Usefully creepy? Silk will also cache sites that the user has loaded through Amazon’s EC2 servers, this makes revisits load even faster.

Amazon gave a presentation of Silk in New York City today and showed the browser loading 53 static file images, 39 dynamic files, 30 Javascript files and three flash files in mere seconds.

Currently, Silk will only be offered on Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, set to launch on November 15th.

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