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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google updated its Android operating system to 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich). There are a ton of new features some from previous iterations, some from other OSes, and some genuinely new ones. We won’t highlight all of them here but here’s a quick hit list of a couple that you’ll see in any new Ice Cream Sandwich phones. 

– Android Beam: All 4.0 phones will have NFC, so if you tap the back of two together you can instantly share whatever you’re doing with another Android handset. For example, if you’re on a web page, their phone will open that same page. 

– Face Unlock: Instead of a standard lock screen, Android is supposed to be able to recognize your face and unlock for you. Be wary of this one because it might not work as advertised but if it does, well, that’s just awesome.

– Home Tray: One thing that’s nice about iOS phones is the Home tray with apps. Google has finally added one of these to Ice Cream Sandwich.

– Tabbed Web Browser & shared bookmarks: Google isn’t calling it Chrome but the new browser is looking and feeling more like Chrome than previous iterations. 

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