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Apple details Siri the “Intelligent Assistant” for the iPhone 4S

With the new iPhone 4S Apple has added several features, one of them being the Siri application. Siri is an “intelligent assistant” that is controlled by your voice. According to Apple you can talk to Siri like you would a real person. Ask it questions like “Where’s the closest ATM?” or “Are there any good burger joints around here?” Siri is supposed to respond with something like, “I’ve found a number of burger restaurants near you.” If you change your mind to say, pizza, Siri will remember that you were looking for food and begin finding pizza restaurants.

Apple says that Siri is proactively smart and will look for the right app to help you through tasks. Ask Siri to make phone calls, send text messages, and what the weather is like. You can also ask it to schedule a meeting that Siri will put on your calendar as a reminder. A couple of others include setting an alarm, getting info on your stocks, and getting GPS directions.