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Apple’s iPhone 4S adds power and new apps

With the iPhone 4S, Apple has taken the body of the successful iPhone 4 and added power to the processor, as well as many other features. It now runs the dual-core A5 chip, which is supposed to add up to twice the power, and new dual-core GPU allegedly offers seven times better graphics. The rear camera also gets a boost, and now can take 8-megapixel images and record 1080p Full HD. Users can also edit video and images right on the camera, and shaky shots shouldn’t be too much of a problem with video stabilization. The display remains the same high-resolution Retina display that Apple introduced with the iPhone 4, with 326 pixels per inch.

Apple has also introduced iCloud, which connects all of your Apple devices wirelessly and stores your music, photos, documents and more. The operating system has been updated to iOS5, which brings 200 new features or updates to old ones, according to Apple.