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BeoSound 5 Encore – Bang and Olufsen

With the BeoSound 5 Encore from Bang & Olufsen you get a digital music player that connects to nearly everything and comes with a few cool features. One of the big features is what they’re calling MOTS. Pick a song and the MOTS strings together a row of songs of a similar nature. It also gives you access to 13,000 international radio stations over tons of genres from around the world. 

Use the LCD screen to scroll through album covers, tracks, and radio stations.  Grab your music from an external hard drive or music server. Or connect a USB stick, smartphone or iPod. Either way, BeoSound 5 Encore can connect to them. If you use the BeoSound 5 with BeoMaster 5, apparently, you can extend your music to more rooms with Encore. It uses the BeoMaster 5 as a music server for one or more Encores. 

It’s a pretty slick looking player.