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Go underwater in this fake club promo for TechnoMarine luxury watches

There’s a part of us that wants the Underwater Nightclub to be real. Harpoon gun darts? Weird, ethereal underwater techno music? Diving suits? Awesome. There’s another part that wants to make snarky jokes about bodily functions in the club and ask how do you drink beer out of an air-sealed canister? Or does anyone really want to submerge themselves in the Hudson River? It can’t be that clean.

Still, props for quirky advertising — that’s what gets people talking. The above viral video shows off luxury watchmaker TechnoMarine’s new line of waterproof watches. 

The “club” was real for a few days and filmed at the military training facility, Survival Systems, in Groton, Connecticut. The helmets are actually real breathing helmets made by the California-based company, Sea Trek

Technomarine’s watches are available now and as a price reference, the cheapest watch that the company sells comes in at $200, but most of their watches float closer to the $300 and higher range.