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New Apple iPad – TV ad

Coupled with the reveal for Apple’s new iPad the company also has a new television advertisement lined up to go as well. 

Now, this advertisement doesn’t explore many of the new features and upgrades in the new iPad. Instead, it focuses on the new screen and display that the iPad features. The 9.7-inch screen comes with a huge 2047 x 1536 pixel resolution. That’s a lot of pixels, for perspective, it’s one million more pixels than your 1080p HDTV. 

The iPad display boasts 264 pixels per inch. The screen features the much lauded Retina Display.

Apple explained how this new display bumps the screen up to Retina Display Level: “You may recall that with an iPhone held at a normal distance your retina can’t discern individual pixels. When the iPad is held at a normal distance [15-inches] it’s the same result.”