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BlackBerry Z10 video: Screen quality and video playback 0:37

We got hands on with BlackBerry Z10, and took a closer look at video playback on its 4.2-inch screen.

Liquipel: the invisible waterproof case for your phone 1:08

Look out Lifeproof, Liquipel is making moves to become the next protector of all things electronic. Sure, It might look like witchcraft, but it's really just science that's so good you can't even tell it's there. Liquipel is a…

Samsung’s newest addition to the NX camera line: the NX300 1:37

Feast your eyes on Samsung's newest and most advanced digital camera in this video straight out of CES 2013. Check out our review of the Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera. In addition to all their super-slim laptops and high-def…

Sharp’s new IGZO material promises sharper, thinner displays 3:54

Sharp has developed a new semiconductor compound that boasts twice the resolution of LCD's. Sharp has just raised the bar for display tech with its introduction of IGZO, a revolutionary new material made from Indium Gallium Zinc…

What’s the difference between high-def and ultra-high-def? LG explains 1:34

Curious what everyone's talking about when they mention 4K ultra high-definition displays? Learn what it all means in this dead-simple explanation from LG. Amidst the torrent of tech that's unveiled at CES each year, there's…

New app from Netgear lets you connect mobile devices to WiFi via QR codes 1:16

Netgear's latest mobile app makes connecting mobile devices to your home network easier than ever. Tired of having to recite your painfully-long (but highly-secure) network password every time a friend wants to get on your WiFi?…
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Samsung shows off new tubular speaker dock 1:28

Samsung has recently introduced their new DA-E750 speaker system which promises to make you melt with its rich, warm sound.
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Canon introduces EOS M: A pint-sized powerhouse 3:00

Set to hit stores in October, Canon's first mirrorless, interchangable-lens camera packs plenty of power in a tiny package
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Nexus Q streaming media orb joins form with function 4:02

Google's Nexus Q streaming media device offers some unique features, but limited connectivity options.
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Google threatens Amazon’s Kindle Fire with $200 Nexus 7 tablet 2:26

Google's Nexus 7 will cost only $200, but packs many of the same fast components as larger, more expensive competitors.
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Google’s Nexus Q social streaming media player 0:52

Google announced their new Nexus Q media streamer today and released this video that details how the Nexus Q can stream your content directly from the cloud to your living room.
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Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook product tour 2:08

Acer's new ultrabook the Aspire S5 drops this month with a number of features and inputs.