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Google Drive officially gets its first video 0:54

Google's cloud service, Drive, went live today and it came with a new video.
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Lenovo apes Apple’s style with the IdeaTab S2109 1:00

Lenovo's new IdeaTab goes directly after Apple's iPad with very similar specifications and the same screen.
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IBM to tackle the vastness of space with exabyte-crunching supercomputers 4:58

Building a computer that can win at Jeopardy looks easy beside IBM's latest undertaking: Building a computer that can help unravel the mysteries of the universe by processing exabytes of data a day.
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Sony Xperia Sola announced 1:32

Sony is adding to its Xperia family phones with upcoming Xperia Sola.

Unreal Engine 3 features trailer 6:30

Epic Games shows off the various features that come with their Unreal Engine 3 developing kit.

Apple explains new features and upgrades to the new iPad 5:32

Apple explains the new features and upgrades to the new iPad.

New Apple iPad b-roll footage 0:33

Check out some b-roll footage featuring Apple's new iPad.
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New Apple iPad – TV ad 0:30

Apple advertises for its brand new iPad 3 which features a much higher resolution display.
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Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion product tour 4:38

Apple will be updating the Lion OS X come summer 2012 with the Mountain Lion OS X update.
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The Microsoft Surface 2.0 Experience 1:40

Microsoft explores some of the possibilities that their Surface 2.0 could have in the real world from doctor's offices to office meetings.

Sony Promo: Bloggy B-roll video 1:00

Take a look at some close-up shots of Sony's new Bloggie Live pocket camera that films in full HD.