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Samsung shows off new tubular speaker dock

Check out our full review of the Samsung DA-E750 speaker dock. 

It’s got a long list of cool features, but the one Samsung seems to be highlighting is the system’s vacuum tube amplifier. Tube amps generally make the midrange and highs sound smooth, floaty, and pleasantly real, and since this dock includes a built in subwoofer, it’ll likely do well on the low end too. Judging from the company’s other audio docks, this set seems to suggest that Samsung is beginning to get more serious about sound quality.

The system also includes a unique dual-docking feature, which means it’ll work with Samsung’s Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, and any Apple iDevice. Don’t feel like docking your phone? No problem — the dock supports Apple’s AirPlay as well as Samsung’s AllShare, so you can easily stream music to the speakers through a WiFi connection.

For now, you can find out more on Samsung’s site, but be sure to check back soon as we’ll likely be doing a hands-on review in the coming weeks.