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Best Twitter apps for PC and Mac

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Twitteriffic — Free/$5

Iconfactory’s Twitteriffic was, and remains, one of the most capable desktop clients to ever grace either platform — even seven years after its initial debut. Although the software’s exact cost randomly fluctuates somewhere between $3 and $10 at any given moment, it always dons an affordable price, while offering a powerful toolset rivaling the best on our roundup. The keyboard shortcuts and navigation are robust, allowing users to effortlessly control the timeline and multiple account windows at once, while the intuitive sync option ensures your relative timeline position remains the same across platforms. Searches and lists can also be saved, trends can be browsed, and the app even features the unique ability to translate foreign tweets into your native languages. The UI also includes two distinct translucent themes, one light and one dark, along with the ability to easily tailor the toolbar, sidebar, font size, feed refresh rate, notification sounds, and other simple components you may wish to alter. Although there is a free version of the program, it’s severely limited in functionality and strewn with obtrusive ads, make premium version the one to opt for if any.

Twitteriffic (Mac OS X)

Twitteriffic (Mac OS X)

Echofon — Free/$10

Echofon was once one of our go-to clients for Windows and Mac OS X before the developer decided to discontinue Windows support and rally behind Apple’s desktop OS and mobile platforms. Don’t let the lack of cross-platform development sway you though, the software is just as hassle-free and impressive as it was when it operated on multiple desktop platforms. It does all the basics — tweeting, retweeting, messaging, mentions — and can easily sync all unread tweets across multiple devices, whether using an iOS or Android platform. Cloaked in a bare-gray design and featuring five assorted panels running along the top of the application window, the UI fittingly parallels the subtle nature of Mac OS X, offering a simple means of creating lists, searching tweets, and accessing supplemental content in the equipped, pop-out browser drawer. On top of that, the freemium software allows users to drag and drop media attachments (images, videos, current iTunes song, screen captures, etc.) while offering simultaneous management of multiple accounts, regardless if you’re using the premium incarnation of the software or the standard, free version available through the App Store. It doesn’t showcase an extensive swath of feature, but sometimes the necessities are all you need.

Echofon (Mac OS X)

Echofon (Mac OS X)

Kiwi — Free/$10

There should be qualms that go hand-in-hand with recommending a piece of software based on an egg-sized fruit. However, the affable Kiwi client is one of the lightest and resourceful clients on our list, teeming with functionality while maintaining a gradual learning curve any Twitter user can adhere to once they’ve signed up with a free App.net account. Once registered with the social networking and microblogging service, users can quickly navigate the main Kiwi interface using various keyboard commands and custom finger gestures, allowing quick jumping between various tabs and timelines with ease. Although the default UI is fairly basic, clad and gray and somewhat liken to Twitter’s online layout, it also boasts an astonishing amount of assorted themes from which to choose from. Inline media previews and notification center support are also included — regardless of which version of the software you’re using — along with an advanced hashtag search and user directory for isolating individual tweets, followers and the like. Furthermore, it auto completes user names once you begin typing, features unified posting across Twitter accounts, and touts the ability to save draft posts on the side. And what’s not to love about a kiwi icon?

Kiwi Screen

Kiwi (Mac OS X)

Tweetbot — $20

Tweetbot is undoubtedly one of the best Twitter clients available for Mac OS X, but it comes with a heavy price tag despite its humble, free beginnings. Regardless, the fully-fledged Twitter app’s tool arsenal is admirable, bringing both single window and multi-window views in tow alongside support for newfangled Retina displays and venerable iCloud syncing. Tweetbot features much of the same functionality as most clients on are list, but it’s the software’s exclusive tools giving it the upper hand. If desired, users can mute users, hashtags, clients, and individual keywords, as well as compose savable tweet drafts and disable retweets. Inline media previews and deep Notification Center integration are standard as well, but few clients handle CloudApp, Instapaper and Readability support quite like Tweebot. The dark-gray UI can appear somewhat saturated given the software’s innate viewing capacity, but the app still organizes and highlights the tabs along the left-hand side in such as way that you’re never unaware of where various elements within the program reside. It may not be as smooth, stable, or as intuitive as its mobile counterpart, but it’s pretty close if you can grapple with the high price tag.


Tweetbot (Mac OS X)

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