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Developers are embracing Facebook Open Graph on Web and mobile


Yesterday the LeWeb Paris conference, Facebook announced some updated figures about its growing developer community. Facebook shared with the audience that over 350 apps on Facebook had more than one million monthly active users each. Facebook also announced it now has 200,000 iPhone and Android apps that have been integrated with its platform.

Justin Osofsky, who published the data in a blog post, adds that nine of the top 10 grossing iPhone apps are Facebook-integrated, meaning that it uses a Facebook product including Open Graph and/or Facebook Connect. And Facebook tops off its announcement by saying that 45 percent of the top 400 grossing iOS apps are using the Facebook SDK.

There’s little mention of how Facebook’s own apps are performing. The spotlight from the announcement is invariably on its mobile presence and how this is an increasing focus for the company.

Many startups and developers have made Facebook Connect and Open Graph implementation a part of their strategy. Facebook has had a hand in boosting the virality of mobile apps or websites due to its “frictionless” sharing approach. And as a user it takes just one click to sign into a site using Facebook Connect, which is convenient. These mechanisms can help with an app’s presence and user numbers. 

Unlike Twitter’s new restrictive approach to working with developers, Facebook is almost embracing the third-party developer community, though only on its own terms. Facebook from the get-go has been telling developers what they can or cannot do.

Recognizing this, Osofsky says, “Facebook has become the social building block for some of the biggest mobile and Web apps across a variety of categories.” Facebook mentioned some of the bigger draws, including Deezer, Endomondo, Shazam, Pinterest, Kobo, TripAdvisor, Fab.com, Gogobot, and Foodspotting.