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Etsy, Amazon, Polyvore: Pinterest’s top female-oriented sources

Pinterest Top Sources

When the little site known as Pinterest wildly blew up out of nowhere in the media spotlight earlier this year, technology blogs often referred to it as a Tumblr for girls. And it’s no surprise that the female audience drove Pinterest’s popularity level to an incredible amount, sending and receiving more traffic than 100 million users on the male-dominated Google+. Where are the ladies that use Pinterest getting their contents from? According to a study by Zoomsphere, a social media statistics tool, the sources are as female-oriented as you’d expect.

Rounding out the top two sources are Google and Etsy, with numbers closely rivaling each other that by the time this article publishes, the two sources may have traded spots. The Etsy community is comprised of mostly female craft makers, offering items that lean toward unique, soft and downright cute products and designs. If we ever find guys on the site, it’s mostly because they’re looking for gifts to please their lady friends.

Polyvore, which currently stands in sixth place, is an online shopping guide that helps suggest looks based on fashion trends and themes. Users can also compile clothing pieces in an outfit collage, linking each part of the outfit to a retailer so you can essentially buy the outfit on your own. We tried to find men’s outfit sets on Polyvore, but even the search term “men” brought up a ton of menswear-inspired looks and hardly anything actually meant for guys.

At the eighth spot is Houzz, an site of interior design collection offering tips, inspiration and product suggestions to make your home a prettier and neater place. People were not joking when they speculated that the majority of Pinterest users were housewives or bride-to-bes pinning beautiful photos as inspiration to make their lives more fashion-forward.

While Google, Amazon, Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr also finished in the top eight sources, it comes as no surprise seeing as how those sites offer sources to virtually anything on the web. YouTube’s embedding feature is the only one that works directly on Pinterest, while Vimeo only links you to the original source of the video. Flickr’s presence as a source may soon diminish, however, following its recent update to block Pinterest users from pinning copyrighted photos.

Though the second set of sources contain slightly lower traffic points than the top eight, they do show a further sense of female power. Martha Stewart, Skinnytaste, and ModCloth are all variations of the same sites in the top eight, just geared toward specific markets of food, fashion or design.

Pinterest is definitely unique in that it targets the female audience so well and in a way social media sites have not done before. With a 2010 comScore study stating that women engage on social sites with much more veracity than men, all you ladies better hope Pinterest stays alive under the scrunity of its profit structure and copyright infringement debacle.