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Facebook considering doubling size of European HQ in Dublin

facebook mark zuckerbergThings are happening at Facebook. Well, of course, things are always happening at Facebook, but news emerged on Friday that the social networking giant is considering doubling the size of its European headquarters in Dublin.

If you double something that’s small, it remains pretty small, but Facebook already has a sizable presence in the Irish capital. Indeed, doubling its current 5,000 square meters (54,000 square feet) of office space would take it from fairly big to large.

According to Bloomberg, who cited three people with knowledge of the matter, Facebook is considering leasing around 11,500 square meters (123,000 square feet) at various locations, including the building of the former Bank of Ireland headquarters.

The Dublin office, which was opened by Facebook nearly four years ago, is responsible for all the users of the social networking site based outside the US and Canada, Bloomberg reports.

The Irish Times says the 300 or so Dublin-based Facebook employees are mostly concerned with “advertising, multilingual sales support, finances, human resources, user operations and development.”

Besides the rumored Dublin expansion, a report late last year suggested the company is also set to build an enormous server farm in Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, to improve site performance for European users.

The reports of further expansion come ahead of a rumored May initial public offering (IPO) which could value the company at around $100 billion.

This year could also see the site welcome its billionth user, astonishing growth for a company that started out less than eight years ago.