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Instagram photos too one dimensional? Add soundtracks to your images with these apps

music instagramIf anything could rival our love of mobile photography, it would be mobile music. Can’t decide whether to boot up Spotify or launch Instagram? Well maybe you don’t have to: What if your two loves could co-exist? Well, they can, with these apps that help you add tracks to your filtered photos. 


We already filed this nifty little app away under “most awesome music apps available today” precisely because of the way it mimics Instagram, at least in terms of user interface – just like the beloved and ubiquitous photo-sharing app, you can check out people’s song recommendations one entry at a time. We initially reported that Instagram integration was only available for iOS users, but a recent update now brings this coveted feature to the Android operating system.


Linking your Instagram account with Soundtracking will enable you to share your post on Instagram as well as use any existing Instagram photo to accompany your post on SoundTracking, simultaneously notifying your followers on both platforms of your current sound trip. The fact that it’s available as an iOS, Android, and Spotify app makes it extra-enjoyable.




Even though this iOS app doesn’t share tunes like SoundTracking, it does let you add a soundtrack to a series of your Instagram photos, a function that actually is more Instagram-inclined, if you think about it. You can install Instaplayer once and have it work across all your iOS devices, making it a versatile slideshow tool you can use for gatherings and special events. Other features include wireless remote capability, instant Polaroid-style printing, easily customizable photo topic filters, and a vintage music player that pushes both your songs and photos onto your Apple TV.

Hear Lyrics


For any music lover, lyrical content is crucial to any song’s success – the more memorable the words are, the higher the song’s odds are for making it to your Favorites playlist. What better way to keep a song’s lyrics fresh in your mind than an accompanying photo? Hear Lyrics is an iPhone app that pays homage to your favorite tunes by beautifying the lyric snippets you share online with an appropriate Instagram picture. You can find lyrics from within the app itself – which has built its database, courtesy of  The Echo NestLast.fm, and LyricFind – copy-paste the line you want (up to 150 characters), choose a suggested photo or take one yourself, apply a filter, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via email. Sweet and simple.



This iOS app will take songs you already have in your device’s iTunes library and share them individually as you listen. The recent app update no longer requires you to create a SoundShare account – like most apps, you can use your Facebook login and eliminate the need to remember yet another account’s details. You can also push your posts to Facebook and Twitter easily if you link your accounts with SoundShare, but regardless, you can share songs with friends outside of the app. Along with overall better performance and a brand-new user interface, recent app upgrades include Instagram integration, which earns the app a spot on our roundup.

Song for Pic


This transforms your Instagram feed into a game of sorts. After signing with your Instagram account, the app randomly generates a photo from your Instagram library. It will then ask you which song you think best accompanies your photo and provide you with four choices, represented by colored boxes. Clicking on each box will give you a sneak peek of every song recommendation and will allow you and your friends to vote on which one you think is the most appropriate.

For this particular photo, I got the following song suggestions:

  • Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith
  • Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

Although it remains unclear at this point what sort of algorithm is being used to generate the random song suggestions, it’s a pretty fun game to play with your photos.