No thanks, Facebook: Here’s how to permanently delete your account

There was likely a moment — sandwiched somewhere between your ninth check-in at P.F. Chang’s and that embarrassing image of you drunkenly rocking an enormous sombrero — where you asked yourself: is Facebook really worth it? Perhaps it’s the aforementioned posts leaving you wondering, or maybe the impending threats looming around every corner, or even more likely, the growing skepticism regarding Facebook’s privacy issues. Either way, just because it’s been around for nearly a decade doesn’t mean the social networking giant is right for you. Alas, such is life.

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Thankfully, deleting your Facebook profile can be done in a matter of minutes sans any complicated procedures you might think accompany the process. Whereas deactivating your account will only put some of your information on temporary hiatus, deleting it indefinitely will permanently rid the site of your data, from photo albums and Likes to status updates and timeline info, with no option for recovery. Facebook has provided a disclaimer essentially saying some of the data may remain on the site for technical reasons, but it will no longer be identifiable or searchable as your own. And after 14 days, it will be like you were never there to begin with…

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