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How to download photos from Instagram

Sometimes merely looking at an image of your friend’s savory meal or a shot of a breathtaking sunset on Instagram isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to download it so you can admire it later. Sadly, the popular photo app doesn’t make it particularly easy to download photos for your own personal enjoyment. The developers place limitations on both the mobile app and Web UI for Instagram, whether for privacy concerns or fear of people stealing image for personal gain, thus preventing users from downloading photos. Well, guess what Instagram? Nothing we upload to the various social media networks is truly private — including Kim Kardashian’s wedding photo. Despite Instagram’s supposed objections, there’s a slew of methods for downloading the service’s photos, whether you prefer to use third-party software or your device’s screen-capture utilities. None of the methods for retrieving photos are complicated, nor will they cost you a dime, allowing you to set a photo of your best friend’s shiba inu as your wallpaper in no time.

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How to automatically save your Instagram photos upon uploading them

Although you can always access your Instagram photos online when viewing your account profile on the Web, sometimes it’s simply more convenient to save your photos directly to your device without the extra hassle. Thankfully, Instagram allows you do just that, providing the option to automatically save photos at the highest resolution size possible on your device after uploading. The maximum resolution caps at 2048 x 2048 pixels on Android and iOS, but the exact resolution adheres to your phone’s respective camera capabilities. For instance, the iPhone 4 only captures images at 1936 x 1936 pixels when using the Instagram app.

When viewing the main Instagram feed in iOS, tap the profile button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to bring up your user profile. Afterward, tap the Options button in the upper-right corner and toggle the button directly right of Save Original Photos to turn on the feature and automatically save images to your camera roll. Android devices will automatically save photos to the “Instagram” gallery when you upload them by default.

Instagram Photo Screen

How to download Instagram photos using Instaport

Automatically saving photos upon uploading them to Instagram only gets you so far. Thankfully, the simple-minded Instaport provides a simple solution for downloading and saving multiple photos to your hard drive simultaneously. Once you log in to your Instagram account and authorize the apps, it’s only a matter of specifying your download selection and choosing a storage location for the resulting zip file.

Step 1: Navigate to Instaport.me and click the yellow Sign in with Instagram button in the top left corner of the window.


Step 2: Next, enter your respective login credentials — your username and password— and click the green Log in button in the bottom right. Afterward, simply click the green Authorize button in the bottom-right corner to give the site permission to access your basic information such as your photos, friends lists, and profile information.

Instaport requesting basic information access

Step 3: Once logged in, choose your desired export options from the list of specifics. You can choose to either download your entire collection of Instagram photos, a certain number of photos within a given time frame, those you’ve previously liked, or those tagged with a specific hashtag of your own choosing (#love, #tbt, etc.). However, keep in mind the latter option limits your selection to 500 photos. Click the yellow Start Export button when you’re satisfied with your selection.

Exporting Instagram Photos

Step 4: Click the green Download only button once the website finishes downloading your request photos. Afterward, assign a title and select a save location for the resulting zip file before opening the picture in the image viewer of your own choosing!

Download button

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How to download Instagram photos using Free Instagrabber

Whereas the aforementioned Instaport excels when it comes to batch downloads, Instagrabbr is better designed for downloading a handpicked selection of individual images. The process is quick, doesn’t require you to log in with your Instagram info, and even allows you to download videos in addition to photos.

Step 1: Head over to the main Instagrabbr website and enter the username of the Instagram user you want to pull photos from in the entry field. Afterward, click the blue search button underneath.


Step 2: Click the photo or video you wish to download once the website finishes loading the image feed. Next, click the green Save image button directly beneath the image, right-click the photo on the resulting page, and select Save image as… before titling and selecting a save location for image. Afterward, view the file in the image viewer of your own choosing!

Instagrabbr Example

How to download Instagram photos using a screen capture utility

Downloading saving Instagram photos using a screen-capture utility is more than roundabout method than anything else. Nonetheless, it’s a simple way to capture your image without third-party software — as long as you know the username of the person whose photos you wish to download.

Step 1: Navigate to the main Instagram website and type “/[the username of the profile you want to look at]” to bring up the person’s respective profile page.

Snoopdogg's Instagram URL

Step 2: Once there, click to enlarge the image you wish to download. Afterward, take a screenshot on your desktop or mobile device as you would normally!

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Screen Capture of Snoop

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