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Headaches from managing multiple Instagram accounts? Here’s how to ease them

Instagram is unstoppable, and so are its users. With the recent additions of video and Web embeds, more and more of you might be consolidating all your media-sharing activity within the platform. For some of you, that means running more than one Instagram account; maybe you run one for work, or for a community group of some sort, in addition to your personal profile. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a native function that makes running multiple accounts all that easy – the official app still doesn’t even allow multiple profile sign-ins from any outside app either.

The very first solution Instagram aficionados came up with to solve this problem involves creating a second user profile on your smartphone, where you can install another copy of Instagram and have another account signed in. That is incredibly complicated and time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee that it would work on all devices (why anyone would need more than two is beyond me, but to each their own). Unfortunately, until Instagram allows third party apps (that offer multiple account management) to offer an upload function, this is the only choice besides going through the motions of logging in, uploading a photo, logging out, and logging into a second Instagram account. For now, you will have to make do with some apps available that support viewing multiple Instagram accounts. Just know that managing them on a single client is only half the battle.

Below you’ll find our write-up and an instructional video for successfully managing multiple Instagram accounts without completely losing your sanity.

Keep all your Instagram accounts in one place

It’s no secret that social media clients make the lives of power users a lot more efficient, and Instagram is no exception. If you’re juggling more than one account, you can give these apps and sites a try and choose one that fits your needs and preferences.

fotogrammeFotogramme is a free iOS app that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. You can easily switch between multiple accounts by tapping on the Account button. The app has no frills – the feed provides a grid view of your friends’ posts, which also includes video, an added plus. Tapping on a post provides easy social interaction: You can share content via tweet, you can hit like, and you can check out your friend’s post details and post a comment. Searching posts by username, location, hashtag, and popularity is also possible, as well as is checking out your photos and photos you’ve liked in separate streams. Since Fotogramme is mainly a client for viewing Instagram posts, you can’t upload and post photos – you can do that through the official Instagram app.

Multigram is a lot like Fotogramme – it functions more as a viewer rather than an uploader. For $1.99 you can easily toggle between accounts and peruse through your feed, comment and like photos. Additional features include the ability to switch between three view layouts and a slideshow option that instantaneously updates as new photos hit any photo stream selected.

Just like Multigram, Gramatica is also an iOS app that costs $1.99, but this Instagram viewer brings a little more to the table, if only for its ability to do away with the annoying auto-play function of video posts. Users can also effectively hide all video posts if they’d rather concentrate on photo content. Another awesome feature is its URL support: If anybody posts a URL link as a comment to a photo, you can tap and visit the respective page easily (the Instagram app has this function disabled). If you have to take a quick break, you can easily go back to where you left off through the Last Viewed photo indicator. Most importantly, you can fast-switch between Instagram accounts.

padgramFor Android users, Padgram is a great Instagram viewer that allows users to switch from one account to another. Unlike other apps, Padgram allows you to post Instagram content within its own platform, as long as the Instagram app is also installed on the same device. Much like the other viewers, Padgram allows you to browse, like and comment, and search for photos by tag or username. You can also follow or unfollow users and subscribe to hashtags. If there are photos you really like, you can save them to your device gallery or share them on your other social networks.

If you prefer using your desktop to view your Instagram feed, Gramfeed is a great Web app that allows you to switch between multiple accounts. You can view photos as well as video posts within the site. You can like, share, and even download photos that you want to save on your desktop. Gramfeed also offers an embed code for all posts (Instagram also offers this natively now).

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Stay on top of your responses

To keep your adoring Instagram public engaged, it’s important to keep track of comments that need your attention. This isn’t that big of an issue for anyone who’s only managing one Instagram account – all you need to do is diligently click on your notifications and provide responses to the manageable comments you receive.

However, being responsive is a lot more difficult for Instagram users with a gigantic following. Instacommentor is an iOS app available for $0.99 that can help you manage all the comments you receive on Instagram. Any comment on any post that requires your reply will show up under “Unreplied” and will be transferred to “Replied” once you address it through the app. Although Instacommentor doesn’t support multiple accounts, the process is simple enough that logging out and logging into a different Instagram account won’t be too much of a hassle. The end result of having satisfied followers makes it worth the trouble.

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Routinely check your list of followers


A crucial part of maintaining Instagram sanity is having a regularly trimmed follower base free from spammy bots and negatrons, especially if you are juggling various accounts. InstaGhost is an iOS app that proposes to let you know about inactive Instagram users who have stopped posting on the app, followers who have not interacted with you and your content in a long time, and spam followers. This may be a tricky promise though, since it’s way normal to be real-life friends with people who aren’t as active on Instagram and they may easily get flagged, so make sure you run the initial diagnostic on your account first before deleting anybody… and make sure the people the app detect are people you actually want to get rid of.

If you want to retain a following that actually follows you back, you can use InstaFollow on Android to detect new followers and mutual friends. You can also find out which users have stopped following you. The app supports accounts that have a maximum of 10,000 followers (that’s a lot)… just imagine the amount of inactive users you will be able to get rid of! InstaFollow also supports multiple accounts, so you won’t have to keep entering your password every time you make the switch. If you want to further cull your list and only retain your most loyal following, the makers of InstaFollow also made InstaBestFriends, which claims to accurately track your most active friends according to the number of likes and comments they have posted on your content.

Update: This article has been updated since it was originally published to include an instructional video.