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It’s time to tune in to #TBT: Check out our nostalgic Spotify playlist

tbt playlistAnother week has come and gone and that means yes – it’s your favorite day of all the days: Throwback Thursday. We recently took you on a trip down recent memory lane and got all nostalgic about everyone’s favorite social media tradition – and proposed that perhaps it’s time to move behind the photo-friendly way to celebrate the past. And that proposal, dear reader, led us to create a #TBT Spotify playlist

These are some of the tracks my generation was over-listening to what seems like only yesterday. (Except it wasn’t, it was more like 10 or so years ago. Shudder.)

While this has simultaneously been an exercise in shame (Mambo No. 5, young Molly? Really?) and joy (Forgot About Dre – timelessly legit), it’s far from complete. Add your own #TBT tunes, or just enjoy listening to and/or mocking ours. 

TGIT, everyone. 

(Also, please share in my anguish over the unavailability of the song below.)

the boy is mine