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This message will self-destruct: Why our digital conversations shouldn’t last forever

Snapchat. Poke. And now Wickr. Self-destructing messages are here to stay. The thing is, they've been around forever. Why has this kind of communication captured our smartphones?

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Good news everyone, face recognition and photo-tagging recommendations on Facebook are back!

Facebook is making use of its acquisition after fixing some technical difficulties. It started rolling out facial recognition for photos.

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Path settles with FTC over privacy spat and gets slapped with $800,000 fine

Path has admitted to its privacy violations and settled with the FTC in a deal that includes an $800,000 penalty and privacy audits for the next 20 years.

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Extortion or honesty? ReviewerCard is a gut check for the online review ecosystem

A new product called ReviewerCard lets you use your online clout to get better treatment by businesses. is the gut reaction to call this unfair or justified?

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Facebook wants to know how you’re feeling with new, experimental status updates

Facebook was discovered to be testing out an emotive status update, which could help the network gauge your interests in real-time.

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There may be no Facebook Phone, but there is a Facebook Card

Facebook Gifts launched its own gift card program with the Facebook Card, which nips at the heels of existing third-party gift card services like Gyft and Wrapp.

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Facebook still has 76.3 million ‘fake’ users

Despite major success in fighting spam accounts, Facebook still has more than 76 million "fake" user accounts, according to its fourth quarter 2012 earnings report.

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Sift takes your annoying e-commerce emails and turns them into a beautiful catalogue

Sift, the mobile email driven shopping app, has raised a seed round and hired a director of UX to prep its expansion into gamification and social.

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Evernote updates Hello and Penultimate apps – they’re now smarter, better looking

Evernote has introduced significant new features to both Hello and Penultimate, with the latter now being offered for free from the Apple App Store.


Foursquare uses 3 billion check-ins and 10 million tips to create ‘most awesome places in the US’ lists

If you're into lists, you're going to love what Foursquare has just cooked up.

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Twitter tweaks photo and video viewing as it seeks to enhance visual media experience

With the aim of giving photos and videos on its microblogging site more presence, Twitter announced several tweaks to its service on Wednesday.

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Facebook killing it in mobile, but sees profits drop 79 percent

Facebook now has more mobile users than desktop users, and its revenue has jumped 40 percent over last year. But it's net income is down 79 percent, causing Wall Street to punish its stock in after-hours trading.


Vineit turns Vine and Tumblr into a match made in heaven

Vine? Meet Tumblr. In a move that should have been stunningly obvious, one developer has crafted a new browser plugin to let you share the Vines you see online on your Tumblr.

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Dropbox goes social, adds ‘Documents Preview’ and a feed for photo sharing

Dropbox wants to frebrand itself as a content storage platform, and the client has fittingly added file previews, photo albums, and social photo sharing.

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Just a few examples of how Facebook Graph Search will embarrass you

Be careful of what you publish or like on Facebook, now that just about everything about you can easily be discovered on Facebook's Graph Search.

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