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UK spies snooped on Yahoo users’ sexy webcam chats

British spies may have naked pictures of you. That's according to the latest Snowden doc reports, which show that the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency covertly collected snapshots of millions of Yahoo users’ video chats between 2008 and…
Home Theater

The Qplay streaming box hits the streets, but already faces some new competition

Qplay, the video-curation device from the co-creators of TiVo is now available in beta for $49. However, the device will have to contend with some serious competition in the cord-cutter marketplace, including Mohu's new Channels device…
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Tweets and Vines set to hit US movie screens this summer after deal with ad firm

Twitter has struck a deal with in-theater advertising firm National CineMedia to bring short ad-based shows featuring tweets and Vines to the silver screen. The 60-second pre-movie segments are due to start appearing in theaters this…
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Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram to change policies

Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram for tighter rules. Even though selling guns isn't allowed on those services, it happens frequently; we easily found guns for sale on both platforms.

Selfie shocker: Photos causing spread of head lice, expert claims

Love taking selfies with your buddies? So do head lice, apparently, as it's a wonderful chance for the wingless insects to up sticks and begin a new life (in someone else's hair), so says a lice expert.
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Facebook ditches the email system that nobody used

Likely pushing more focus into the mobile space and the recent messaging acquisition, Facebook is putting the email system once called Project Titan to bed and will now use simple forwarding instead.
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9 things we learned from Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at Mobile World Congress

Mark Zuckerberg talked about and WhatsApp at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here are the highlights from his conversation with David Kirkpatrick.

WhatsApp suffers outage just days after Facebook buyout

There's never a good time for a service to go down, but coming just days after Facebook paid $19 billion for it, WhatsApp's outage Saturday afternoon really couldn't have happened at a worse time.
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Facebook testing a new “Highlights” feed

A small number of Facebook users have been given access to a new "Highlights" feed being tested by the platform — it cuts out the trivial postings to focus on the major updates from your friends.

As Facebook plants its flag in WhatsApp, will it pillage or protect user privacy?

The big question: What will happen to WhatsApp user privacy now that the messaging service is owned by Facebook, a company that has repeatedly brushed privacy concerns into the background?
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LinkedIn finally starts fighting stalkers with member blocking feature

Definitely a useful feature when attempting to break digital ties with a disgruntled person, LinkedIn has launched a new feature on the social network that allows users to block other member profiles.
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Facebook will make “Look Back” videos for dead users

Facebook is changing the way it deals with dead users. Now, family members can request a "Look Back" video for their lost loved ones, and privacy settings will remain the same.