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Facebook, Google, and Twitter pledge to take down hate speech within 24 hours in Germany

Facebook, Google, and Twitter reached an agreement with Germany that will have the companies take down hate speech within 24 hours. They will have specialist teams that will make it easier to report online hate speech in the country.
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Facebook unveils new process for reporting fake names in effort to protect all users

Facebook has unveiled a new system to report fake names on the social network, which includes a support mechanism aimed at victimized users from the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities, and victims of stalking or abuse.
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Washington Redskins Twitter blunder leads to accusations of fake community profile

The Washington Redskins have been forced to come out on the defensive following a Twitter blunder that saw identical tweets posted to the official team profile and that of a supposed fan page.
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NBA dominates all other sport leagues, reaches 1 billion vine loops

The NBA has surpassed all other sport leagues and organizations by reaching a record one billion video loops on video sharing platform, Vine. The feat coincides with the NBA also reaching over 1.45 million Vine subscribers in less than two…
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Social media presence will now be part of the vetting process in U.S. immigration

As per a Wall Street Journal report, the DHS will now "scrutinize social media posts as part of its visa application process before certain people are allowed entry into the nation."
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Reddit's First Official Site-Browsing App for Android Accepting Signups

Reddit has started accepting signups for the beta version of its upcoming Android app, and will extend the beta version to "a few thousand" users. Reddit for Android is the service's first official site-browsing app.
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Facebook’s Star Wars lightsaber profile lets you show your love of The Force

Star Wars is even taking over Facebook. With The Force Awakens opening in theaters in mere days, the social media site has given users the power to temporarily add a lightsaber to their profile picture.
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Perceived addiction the reason Facebook users quit, but often return

Cornell researchers studied over 5,000 survey responses, to uncover the reasons Facebook users usually return to the platform after quitting or taking a break, even if their lives are better and healthier offline.
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Facebook Will Soon Force You to Use its Moments App to Photo-Sync Your Images

Facebook is killing off the photo-sync feature from its main app in order to make it exclusively available on its stand-alone, photo-sharing app, Moments. This follows a similar, successful move involving Messenger.
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Musician Ed Sheeran quitting social media, at least until next autumn

In a recent Instagram post, Ed Sheeran informs his millions of fans that he plans on quitting social media in order to see the world through his eyes, rather than through a screen – at least until he releases his next album.
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Facebook begins testing real-time comments on status updates

Facebook has started testing real-time comments on status updates, similar to real-time Messages updates that show three dots when someone is replying. The feature is being tested on iOS, and has been in testing since November.
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Twitter warns its users of possible state-sponsored cyberattacks

Following in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Twitter is now sending out alerts to users whose accounts are targeted by "state-sponsored actors" searching for personal data on individuals or groups of interest.