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Firefighter fired after bragging on Facebook about killing dogs

In the least surprising viral event to date this year, a Texas firefighter attracted the ire of the entire Internet after allegedly killing two dogs, taking a picture and boasting about it on Facebook.

Revenge porn could soon become a federal crime in the United States

U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier is set to introduce a new bill that would make revenge porn a federal crime. Rep. Speier is set to introduce the bill sometime this spring.

Find the perfect meme image with Imgur’s new Topics feature

Imgur has introduced a new Topics features that lets users categorize a photo, which in turn helps other Imgur users easily browse and discover content.

Epson Perfection V19 low-power flatbed scanner comes with Web sharing function

Compact, affordable, and targeting social media users, Epson's new Perfection V19 scanner shares images directly to social networks and is powered only from a USB cord.

Now you can give your video Snapchats a soundtrack

Thanks to a new app update, videos created in Snapchat can record the music that's playing on your phone at the same time, giving you the chance to add a soundtrack, or lip-sync along.
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Keep your eye out! Facebook is getting better at targeting ads

Facebook users can expect to see better-targeted ads showing up when they use the social networking service after the company this week rolled out a new feature to help businesses serve up more relevant content based on a user's interests…
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Turn your self-portraits into something fashionable with Chic Sketch

Developer Appetizer Mobile has launched Chic Sketch, a smartphone app that turns your pictures into a fashion sketch – made by a real fashion illustrator.
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Studies show how we use Twitter, Reddit and communication apps in our relationships

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means tweeting, posting and sending messages about our feelings for others. How we use communication channels like Twitter, Reddit and messaging apps reveals a lot about our relationships, according to three…

Broken heart? These apps will help you erase and block your ex from your digital life

Break-ups have happened to the best of us - and so has the ensuing torture of seeing the ex all over our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If the lure of texting or calling them has become too much, and one more status update from…

How to make the perfect virtual mixtape for any occasion

Tapely, a free online music platform, allows you to make and share your own virtual mixtapes. Digital Trends will tell you how to use it to make the perfect mixtape for any occasion.
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Pinterest makes a push into ecommerce with “Buy” button

Utilizing the massive quantity of visual content generated by 70 million users, Pinterest is working on launching a purchasing function that would allows users to buy items that have been pinned on the site.

Facebook lets you decide who will get your account after your death

Facebook now lets you decide who will manage your account after your death. Once your account has been memorialized, the legacy contact will be able to post info on memorial services and more.