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Report by people who apparently don’t get it label Twitter users bad spellers

Twitter users are apparently the least literate on social media - apparently, the researchers might not really understand that whole 140 character limit thing.
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Grumpy Cat signs a Hollywood movie deal, still not impressed

The Internet's most famous feline, Grumpy Cat, has officially locked down a Hollywood movie deal which will star the cat in a Garfield-like caricature. It's going to be absolutely horrible.
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NYC Health Department warns Grindr might be linked to meningitis outbreak (hint: it’s not)

Grindr and other gay hookup apps are a common link between meningitis victims. But this connection is rather arbitrary and it's a dangerous distinction to make.
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Everything you need to know about your favorite day: Throwback Thursday (er, #tbt)

It's here! It's here! It's Thursday, and you know what that means: #Tbt time. Before you go Instagramming those photos of four year old you, check out our complete guide to all things Throwback Thursday.
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Photographers tussle over whether ‘pro Instagrammers’ are visionaries or hacks

Professional photographers are easing into the idea that professional photos can be shot with Instagram or a mobile phone.
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Now you can feel bad about not getting that verified check mark on Facebook, too

Facebook takes yet another page from Twitter's playbook with verification. A very familiar-looking blue check mark will start donning celebrity pages, and no, you can't have one.
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Turns out Instagram’s latest obscenely rich braggart, Mr. Wall Street, is a fake

A dubiously extravagant Instagram account is a good example of how social media provides a platform for ridiculous behavior.
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This is how you gossip at work without getting caught

Workplace gossip is unavoidable. Off The Record, a Chrome add-on, is one way to send self-destructing messages a la Snapchat without getting caught.

You can use your social media addiction to fuel a car

Your Facebook comments, Instagram likes, YouTube views, and Twitter mentions can now power a car - and it's for a good cause, to boot. Put on your safety belts, we're taking a ride into the future.

Spotify finally rolls out the Discover feature for everyone

Your sound trip courtesy of Spotify just got better with the new Discover tab, a feature that has been made available to everyone through the Web player. Mobile and desktop app editions will arrive soon.
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Inside the scandalous, confusing, twisted tale of Snapchat Leaked

Worried that your illicit Snaps might end up on the new Snapchat Leaked? We talk to the creator to get the inside on the scary new site.
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Slow-mo-ify your videos with new YouTube Editor effect

Slow motion is now available for free to every content creator on YouTube.