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Handpick helps you pick recipes from Instagram and match them to your ingredients

Everyone loves to eat, and hates to waste food. Handpick helps you do both by introducing new functions to their Android and iPhone apps that digs up the recipes missing from those beautiful Instagram food photos.

Snapchat boss says app has nearly 100m users, considering IPO

Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel has said for the first time that an IPO for the startup is on the cards. The revelation came as the boss announced that the app's user base is pushing close to the 100 million mark.

Does your grandma print out Facebook photos? She’s not alone

The first thing many people do when they take photos is share them on social media. However, some users go an extra step and print them off of social media and get them processed the old-fashioned way.

Facebook challenges Yelp and Foursquare with its very own restaurant reviews

Facebook's adding critics' reviews to select restaurant pages. Much like Yelp or FourSquare, Facebook will show you the restaurant's ratings. It's the latest editorial addition to its farm of content -- a play ultimately aimed at retaining…

Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming alternative to Meerkat, is now on Android

Shortly after the swift rise in popularity of Meerkat, Twitter announced that it had purchased Periscope, a startup working on a mobile livestreaming app of the same name. Now that app is available for the iPhone and Android.
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International bans coming for Google, Facebook, and Twitter?

Social media gives everyone a voice. However, the Russian government seeks to take away that voice from its own citizens by threatening to ban Google, Facebook and Twitter from operating in the country.
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Twitter reportedly sniffing around Flipboard, acquisition in the offing?

Twitter has acquired dozes of companies in its nine-year history as it endeavors to build out its product and advertising offerings. Reports this week suggest it's been talking to magazine-style news app Flipboard in what could be its next…

Instagram launches ‘Highlights’ email in bid to reignite interest among lapsed users

If you once dabbled with Instagram but haven't used it for ages, you might soon be getting a 'Highlights' email from the company showcasing the best of what you've missed.
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Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder hacked, highly personal info nabbed

Online dating giant AdultFriendFinder confirmed Thursday its computer system has been hacked. Reports suggest personal information belonging to millions of users has been taken, including data revealing usernames, email addresses, and…

What is Periscope? Imagine your own TV channel, broadcast from your phone 2:23

Periscope is sweeping the world of social media, but what is it exactly, and why should you want in? Joshua Smith breaks down the hottest live-streaming app out there.
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Mother publicly shames daughter in Facebook video for lying about her age

Denver mother Val Starks made a public display of her techniques in a now viral Facebook video in which she berates her daughter for lying about her age on the social media platform.

Flickr research finds filtered photos increase viewership and engagement

A new study by Yahoo Labs shows that photographs that have been filtered seem to do better with people in both viewership and engagement. However, users have different motivations for why they use filters.