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France holds counter-terrorism talks with Twitter, Facebook

France recently held closed-door counter-terrorism talks with Twitter and Facebook. The French government is urging Web giants including Google, Apple, and Microsoft to take action against extremism online.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains why he is not giving his $45 billion to charity

Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has defended his philanthropic plans earlier today, revealing where some of the $45 billion will be going. This comes after criticism for not donating the money to charity.

Goodbye fear and anxiety: Use an Internet Purchase Exchange Location to grab your Craigslist bargain

Scared you'll be horribly killed and/or robbed when you go to collect that bargain you secured on Craigslist? Worry no longer, because the Internet Purchase Exchange Locations are here. Sort of.
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Pick a smiley face, WhatsApp Android update packs huge new set of emojis

WhatsApp has released an Android update to its messaging app that includes a host of new emojis. The update, available now, is entirely emoji-centric and includes new facial emojis and loads of random objects too.
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Your weather tweets could make the streets (and highways) safer during bad weather

Researchers at the University of Buffalo think that incorporating weather data from Twitter could help traffic planners make our roads safer during inclement weather.
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Snapchat’s first breaking news event covers San Bernardino mass shooting

In a first for the messaging app, Snapchat has taken to live news coverage by broadcasting on-the-scene videos and images of the San Bernardino mass shooting. The content is curated from user uploads by the Snapchat team.
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Hola, Olá: Facebook Instant Articles now available in Latin America

Facebook Instant Articles is now available in Latin America and will include publications such as Telemundo, Adoro, and Capricho. The feature just recently became available for Android users in India.

Yahoo Messenger is back from the dead with GIFs, fun group chats, and more

The revamped Yahoo Messenger can pull photos from Flickr and searches for GIFs using Tumblr's fast library. The app is more focused on group messaging and sharing, taking on competitors like Facebook Messenger and Slack.
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Millennial artists top Instagram's biggest music acts of 2015

One Direction, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber were the musicians that dominated Instagram in 2015. Official statistics released by the network also revealed the artists with the most song mentions and fan armies.
Social Media is a dating site for Disney lovers, because why not?

Apparently, now that most dating apps have become too all-encompassing of interests and personality types, it's now necessary to create a tool specifically for lovers of the happiest place on Earth.
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More athlete-focused content is coming: LeBron James' platform lands huge investment

Being an athlete is not just about what you do while you're competing anymore, and a new $15.8 million investment into LeBron James' social media platform, Uninterrupted, is proof. Warner Bros. and Turner Sports put up the money.

Got questions about the Priv? BlackBerry tells all in a Reddit AMA tomorrow

If you're on the fence about BlackBerry's first Android device, you'll get a chance to ask a few BlackBerry executives questions about the Priv. The AMA will be in the r/Android subreddit and will go live at 2 p.m. ET on 12/3.