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How to save your Google Reader data – before it’s too late

Before you say sayonara to your Google Reader feeds scheduled to go kaput at the end of the day, make sure you exhaust all your efforts to save your data.
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Is Vine really being killed off by video for Instagram?

Reports of Vine's death may be greatly exaggerated. Sure, you've seen the Topsy chart showing Instagram's early domination post-launch, but we've got new data that questions what that all really means.
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Facebook’s Graph Search flaw exposes names with phone numbers

Facebook claims that phone numbers on Facebook are public, but scraping these numbers ironically merits getting chased by Facebook's lawyers.
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On the day of Google Reader’s death, Bloglovin adds new social features to fill out its RSS service

With Google Reader gone, plenty of RSS readers are filling in the void. Bloglovin' is one of them with brand new social and content discovery features.
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All you #nofilter liars on Instagram, prepare to be outed by this new site

If you want to find out if a photo on your Instagram feed really is filter-free, you can find out by submitting a link to FIlter Fakers. The site is calling out all those #nofilter frauds on Instagram - at least, as many as its algorithm…
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How to record silent Instagram videos

Sick of all the background and ambient noise in your Instagram videos? If you want to make an Instagram video without it, all you need is this surprisingly simple trick.
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Alec Baldwin hatequits Twitter in spectacular fashion

The Twitter career of Alec Baldwin is apparently over (again) after the actor went on a tear against a journalist, calling him a "toxic little queen" and threatening to "straighten [him] out."

Google Reader is dead but the race to replace the RSS feed is very alive

Today marks the death of Google Reader, but the market is bursting with new options. It's time to get excited for an RSS feed renaissance.
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Fruit invasion: Instagram hit by spammers selling ‘miracle’ diet

A number of Instagram users were hit by a spam attack over the weekend which saw streams filling with images of fruit, and URLs in user bios changed to link to a fake BBC news webpage with a headline about a 'miracle' fruit diet.
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Google launches photo, badge updates to celebrate Google+ 2nd birthday

Ideal for anyone that uploads tons of pictures to Google+, Google launched a handful of updates to Google+ Photos in addition to new buttons for page, community and profile owners.
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WTF, Internet? It’s not OK to turn a murder into a meme

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Aaron Hernandez - actually, it comes courtesy of all the horrible, horrible people out there who thought Hernandezing was a think that should happen. You know who you are.
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Miss Netiquette’s guide to recovering from social media party fouls

Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate and no one has written the rules on codes of conduct. We're here to help you with best practices for sites Web-wide, and the includes the dos and don'ts of recovering from your drunken Internet…