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New website Thursday Market tells you which local firms your friends use, and whether they’re any good

Thursday Market is a new online, social referral network which connects you with local firms, when you need a specific job done. The crucial difference is, the results are based on recommendations made by your friends and neighbors.

Reddit dips its toe into crowdfunding with Redditmade

Reddit has entered the crowdfunding space with Redditmade. While specifically geared towards subreddits that want to make official merchandise, anyone with a Reddit account can launch their own campaign.

Forest Service says no more bear selfies — unless it’s with Smokey

The U.S. Forest Service is warning visitors of Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe to stop taking selfies with feeding bears. Although capturing the perfect bear selfie may be tempting, it is dangerous.
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Zuckerberg says company must ‘invest aggressively’ as Facebook reports decent Q3

Facebook's Q3 figures may have pleased investors on Tuesday, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg's comments that "aggressive" investing was necessary for the company to achieve its long-term goals ended up pushing shares down.

Twitter user base expands to 284 million, but growth slows

Twitter said Monday its user base expanded to 284 million during Q3. However, with user growth showing signs of slowing, Twitter's CEO said the service needs to work more quickly on implementing new features and tools for users and…
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Twitter swoops in to keep Twitpic’s archives online

After nearly seven years in operation, Twitpic has finally closed its doors to new uploads. Its huge archive will live on however, thanks to a last-minute deal struck with Twitter itself.
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The Queen sends out her first tweet

God save the Queen from the trolls: Elizabeth II sent out her first tweet while opening a technology exhibition at the London Science Museum, though it's "unlikely" she'll become a regular tweeter.

The Google+ feature you’ve never used is actually one of its most innovative

Google has changed the world by sorting the world’s information, and with Project Boswell (Google+ Stories) it now hopes to become your own personal historian.
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Ello legally binds itself to remaining an ethical, ad-free social network, forever

New social network Ello has become a Public Benefits Corporation, which means it must stick to rules laid out in a charter, making it illegal for it to make money from ads, or to sell your data.

Facebook Launches Rooms for iOS, an Anonymous Chatroom App

Facebook's Rooms, exclusive to iOS, is an anonymous group chat app with lots of potential.

Zuckerberg is mastering Mandarin, and joins the Tsinghua University advisory board

With Facebook looking to learn more about China's tech market, how long until the ban on the social network is lifted from the country?

Vine update for iOS lets you follow channels and post straight from Photos app

Vine has rolled out another update for the iOS version of the popular short-video app. This latest one lets you easily follow channels via a new "+" button, as well as share videos straight from Photos and other apps.