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Social networks, hear our cries! Why don’t you all support animated GIFs?

If GIFs are the communication tool of the Internet masses, then why won't social sites support them? It's time we dig into finding some reasons - or maybe even some loopholes.
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WTF, Internet? Stop telling me teens know what’s best for the Web

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of the teen trendcaster - and more over, the depressing plethora of reports telling me that they knows what's good for me and my Internet habits. As if.

Here’s your ‘welcome to the long weekend’ playlist

The weekend is off to a start - here are some tunes to keep you company over the long weekend, whatever it is you're doing.
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Miss Netiquette’s guide to dealing with your family on social media

Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate and no one has written the rules on codes of conduct. We're here to help you with best practices for sites Web-wide, and the includes the dos and don'ts of dealing with your family online.
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Snag a closet makeover, the chance to be a model, and other social ways to win this week

Win access to the CFDA Fashion Awards, Instagram a selfie to be a model, become DoubleTree Hotel's traveling ambassador in this week's social ways to win.
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The ‘Instagram for audio’ app race is getting louder

Video, text, photography all have its fair share of the spotlight, while audio has been overlooked. However, the sounds of change are getting louder and louder.
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No, Instagram is not mass deleting accounts – resume your normal lives, everyone

Some Instagram users are having a conniption because accounts were randomly deleted. But before you go raging on the photo-sharing network, read this.
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Ladies, your love-hate relationship with the Internet is stressing you out

It's not just Pinterest that is causing anxiety in women: In general, the female social media addiction is causing the sex more stress. Why is this happening, and is there anyway to stop the cruel cycle?
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Say hello to Colin Hodge, the co-founder of Bang With Friends

We sat down with Colin Hodge, one of co-founders of the controversial dating app Bang With Friends, and learned more about how this product came to life, and why the developers have finally come out of anonymity.

Google Hangouts app review: A step forward for video chat… with some drawbacks

Google Hangouts once lived in Google+, but it's broken out into its own stand alone app. It has tons of potential as a go-to choice for all forms of communication, but at the moment it doesn't live up to what it could eventually be.
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Twitter launches Amplify and its attempt to target TV ads in the stream

With Twitter vying for TV ad dollars, the social network launched Amplfiy, to stream pre-roll ads, and TV ad targeting.
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New technology finds which parts of the world are making faces at you

New technology can find random objects that look like human faces all over the world. Mountain peaks, valleys, and any other formation you can think of are being captured by Google maps, and a new software is pulling that data to find which…