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Soccer World Cup continues to smash tweeting, streaming records

World Cup fever is sweeping the Internet: USA v Germany and Brazil v Chile are the latest games to set new records for online viewing and real-time tweeting as millions of supporters tune in.
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Facebook manipulated more than 600,000 users’ News Feeds to study people’s emotions

Feeling a little bummed out by your Facebook News Feed? It turns out data scientists for the social media site manipulated the feeds of more than 600,000 users to study how emotions are transferred online.

Lying about your life on Facebook isn’t as fun as it sounds (I tried)

A new viral video depicts a man driven to blatant lies on Facebook to cover up his crumbling real life. So I gave Facebook fiction a try. Turns out, it's not as satisfying as the precautionary video makes it look.

If Google doesn’t care about Google+, then why should we?

Google hardly acknowledged Google+ at all this week at its I/O developer conference, and it was a gaping omission from its three-hour keynote. If the lack of enthusiasm proves anything, it’s that even Google doesn’t know what it…

Doh! Burglar breaks into house, checks Facebook, forgets to log out, gets caught

Seems like some people are REALLY addicted to Facebook. One guy in Minnesota couldn't even burglarize a house without resisting the temptation to log into the social networking site. Trouble is, he forgot to log out, a silly error that led…

Facebook isn’t a teenage wasteland anymore, study says

A new study says that teens aren't fleeing Facebook in droves. In fact, they seem to be using the social network more often. Facebook is still the best of its kind, but Instagram and Snapchat are doing well, too.

How a small stock photo startup plans to revolutionize the agency model

Snapwire is a new stock photo agency that revolves around mobile photography and taps into Instagram's huge pool of creativity. Founder Chad Newell tells us how his agency is different, and why the photography community is so important.

Instagram turns off mommy blogger’s account for posting innocent image of child

Blogger Courtney Adamo recently had her Instagram account suspended for posting photos of her children, which the social networking website deems inappropriate. Her account is now back online, but her problems may not be over.

Snapchat takes on the hashtag with Our Story

With Facebook's competitor Slingshot now out in the wild, Snapchat is adding a new Our Story feature to enable users to create communal, curated feeds based around particular events and occasions.
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How to use Pinterest like a Pro

The iconic cork boards of yesterday aren't gone — they've just evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century. Check out our guide on how to use Pinterest for a in-depth look on how to create your own board, pin popular content, and follow…
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How to stop Facebook from using your browser history

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before Facebook began selling your browser history to advertisers. Check out our guide on how to stop Facebook from using your browser history, whether you prefer to use a desktop browser or a…
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Twitter looks to boost video content – and ad revenue – with SnappyTV acquisition

Twitter has acquired SnappyTV, a cloud-based video platform designed to let users easily edit and share clips from live TV broadcasts. It's hoped the move will lead to greater user engagement with the service and ultimately to…