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Highlight 1.5 update adds location-based photos and event discovery

Just ahead of SXSW, SoLoMo app Highlight adds photo and event features. Will the new additions be enough to steal - and maybe even sustain some SXSW spotlight?


Twitter wants you to keep it short and tweet when you use URLs

Twitter has changed up the number of tweets that link-including tweets support to 117 or 118 characters, tightening the already limited space at your disposal.

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Zuckerberg, Brin and other tech players donate millions for new Breakthrough Prize

They've made billions in Silicon Valley and now they're spreading their wealth (a little bit). Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and other notables from the tech world on Wednesday launched a new prize to encourage research into finding cures for intractable…

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Police inform mother of son’s death over Facebook, message unseen in Other inbox

Definitely an inappropriate way to deliver serious news, police in Georgia used a fake Facebook profile to send a message about the death of a local man to immediate family members.

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Ford relaunches Fiesta Movement social media marketing campaign

Fiesta Movement puts new cars in the hands of social media "influencers," so they can promote said cars in the medium they know best. Despite the current Fiesta's lagging sales, Ford is relaunching the Movement to promote the redesigned 2014 Fiesta.


MTV hacks MTV: The anatomy of a dumb Twitter prank

MTV and BET tried to replicate the Burger King hack that drew attention and 30k new followers - turns out, we don't appreciate copycats. The reaction has been less amusement than ire, and the networks have just ended up looking desperate.

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Boatbound, the Airbnb for boats, is for people who really like spending money

For those tired of looking to Airbnb for an impulsive getaway, change things up. Why not take a boat trip using Boatbound, a new startup that'll let you rent yachts on a nightly rate?


Quench your morbid curiosity with The Tweet Hereafter

The Tweet Hereafter recaps and memorializes the last tweets of Twitter users before their untimely deaths. While the concept might hit a nerve, the application is creating a digital database of last words and final online moments.

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Can 10 million tweets measure happiness? New research says so

A new study claims it can measure a location's happiness by Twitter sentiment. The research uses language association to draw conclusions on the attitude of a places' citizens - and that fact that vacation spots are taking top honors comes as anything but a…

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Carjacked: Jeep’s Twitter account falls into hacker’s hands

Jeep may want to consider a more secure passwords after a hacker decided to attack the brand's Twitter account on Tuesday. Control of the account has been reclaimed, but not before a few embarrassing tweets were released.


Yahoo’s home page gets a Marissa Mayer facelift

Say goodbye to the old, clunky Yahoo home page. And welcome the all-new Yahoo.com, which includes a cleaner look, new social features, apps, and personalize customization options. The new Yahoo.com marks the third major property overhaul by CEO Marissa Mayer.

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LinkedIn spams Twitter by appealing to our big, fat egos

Turns out, all you need is just a little ego stroking to go viral. If you shared your elite LinkedIn status on Twitter or Facebook, you're not alone. LinkedIn's congratulatory e-mails created big social media waves.

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Twitter reminds users to choose strong passwords in wake of Burger King and Jeep hacks

Following the headline-making hacks of Twitter accounts belonging to Burger King and Jeep, the microblogging service has taken to its blog to remind users to choose strong passwords and generally be more aware when using the web.

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Researchers can tell the difference between tweets from men and women

Researchers used Twitter to decipher the differences in speech between the male and female gender.

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19 clicks of separation is the Internet’s Kevin Bacon rule

According to recent research, it only takes you 19 clicks to get from one page to any other on the Internet. Thanks to search sites and social networks, the Web is getting smaller and more connected every day.

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