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Weekly Rewind: #whereIdrone, Cardboard for Patriots, Minecraft, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. It's too much to keep track of, so here are the top 10 tech stories you may have missed this week. We've got everything from the #Love dominating Instagram to Verizon's Wi-Fi calling.
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Mark Cuban says Apple should remove Twitter from its App Store for violating policy

Billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, went on a rant against Twitter for violating Apple's App Store policy. Cuban, who was voicing his thoughts via Twitter, called for the removal of the service's app from the…
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Users repurpose Egyptian government's tourism hashtag to voice dissent

An official hashtag created by the Egyptian government to promote tourism has been hijacked by Egyptians to voice their dissent. Twitter users have been using #ThisisEgypt to protest Egypt's human rights abuses.
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Twitter takes Turkish government to court over ‘terrorist propaganda’ fine

Turkey's communications watchdog fined Twitter over a failure to remove "terrorist propaganda." The fine reportedly relates to images posted online by a Turkish terrorist group in March of this year.
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Tumblr is the first social network to support Live Photo sharing thanks to iOS app update

A new update for the Tumblr iOS app allows users to share Live Photos and view them using 3D Touch capability. This marks the first time a social network has integrated Live Photos, an image feature native to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
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Facebook is joining Google in open-sourcing its AI hardware

Facebook is following in the footsteps of other tech giants such as Google and Microsoft by open-sourcing its AI hardware server. The technology that helps power its facial recognition software and news feed will be shared with the wider…
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Facebook’s Year in Review is a snapshot of 2015 on the social network 2:02

Facebook has revealed its biggest topics of 2015 as part of its annual Year in Review list. The slideshow features images and posts from the most-talked about events of the year on the social network.
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Twitter users without an account will start seeing ads, affecting up to 500 million viewers

Twitter will begin showing adverts to the 500 million viewers that don't have an account, as it tries to offer marketers a larger audience for adverts. It follows a few shareholder worries about the financial future of Twitter.

Microsoft employees give Live Writer, the beloved blogging app, a open-sourced second chance

Windows Live Writer is a much loved blogging app that Microsoft seemingly abandoned in 2012. Now, thanks to volunteers within the company, it's coming back as an open-source project.
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Pinterest’s new acquisitions will make it easier to find, buy pins on the app

Pinterest has acquired two startups to help index images and boost mobile shopping on its app. It is thought that the teams from Pext and The Hunt will make it easier for users to find and buy pins on Pinterest.
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Twitter testing timeline changes that see tweets appear in out-of-order format

Twitter users have noticed that tweets on their timeline are appearing in a non-chronological format. The company has confirmed that it is testing these changes to the appearance of content on its platform.