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Israeli soldier Instagrams a photo of a child in sniper’s crosshair

A disturbing Instagram photo of a child in the crosshair has sparked public outrage, with media outlets calling the image "tasteless and dehumanizing." The Israeli Defense Forces is now launching an investigation into the 20-year-old soldier's account.

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How to delete that regrettable Twitter Direct Message before someone sees it

Deleting an embarrassing DM on Twitter is luckily as simple as clicking "delete." Of course, you need to get to your inbox in time. Godspeed.

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Burger King Twitter account hacked, McDonald’s was (probably) lovin’ it

All hell broke loose on Burger King's Twitter account today, after a hacker gained access to the account. The account's name was changed to "McDonald's," and a barrage of profanity-laced tweets were published to the @BurgerKing Twitter feed.

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The Facebook News Feed is running out of room

Despite the limited space, Facebook is getting creative and testing out multi-column advertising modules in its News Feed. The result: More clutter, more chaos, less news.

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DT Deals: Instacanvas turns your Instagram pics into real art

If you've ever wanted to print Instagram photos on professional-grade canvases, here's your chance to do it - all while saving 30 percent off retail value. That's today's DT Deals for the Instagram-obsessed.

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The curious case of the disappearing Pitt profile

Where has Brad Pitt's profile gone on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter? With Pitt's own people unavailable to respond, the shadow of suspicion has fallen on Chinese censorship.

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Athletes make Twitter incoherent, Twitter makes athletes mortal

The stuff coming out of the keyboards of athletes on Twitter is absurd and often embarrassing, but in the long run it's a blessing.

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‘Generosity begets business': Why The Meatball Shop gives away the family jewels online

We chatted with the co-creater of one of New York's most popular restaurants, The Meatball Shop, to get some insight about his latest online cooking class hosted on educational startup Skillshare.


A crash course in Tumblr 101

Tumblr is a great microblogging platform and social networking site, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Our how-to guide will speed up that learning curve and help you bypass the fumbles.

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Facebook ‘s VP nearly confirms Facebook is working on auto-play video ads

Facebook's VP confirmed that Facebook is figuring out video advertising, but it's not settled on how to implement it without ruining the user experience.

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Are social apps creating or killing romance?

A slew of new apps promising real love from your preexisting social network are hitting the market, hinting that your next romance - or hookup - is probably someone you're already Facebook friends with.

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Twitter will shut down Posterous at the end of April

Once a rising competitor to the extremely popular, visual microblogging platform known as Tumblr, Posterous is being completely shut down by Twitter's management in less than ninety days.

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Facebook says its engineers’ computers were hacked – last month

Laptops of Facebook engineers were infected with malware hidden in a Java exploit. The vulnerability has been patched and user data hasn't been compromised, although we're only hearing about this a month after the fact.

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Facebook rolls out ability to promote friend’s posts

Facebook added the option to promote your own posts for a fee, and now it's gradually rolling out the option to promote your friend's posts as well.

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Facebook explains how minors are getting special treatment when it comes to Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search gives users a revealing and sometimes embarassing look at other users, but Facebook has some measures in place to protect minors.

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