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NFL, brands look to social media to manage Super Bowl buzz

With Super Bowl attendees turning to Facebook and Twitter to chat about the big game, social media is top of mind for the National Football League as well as brands looking to capitalize on Super Bowl moments.

Facebook went down for an hour and people actually called 911 to report it

Facebook suffered an outage earlier this week allegedly due to an internal glitch. For some reason, this led to people actually calling 911, wondering when the outage would end.
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Tumblr revamps writing tools in ‘big’ update

Tumblr on Wednesday rolled out a significant update aimed at offering a more refined user experience and more posting options for its millions of bloggers.
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Twitter users can soon post 30-second videos, send group messages

Ideal for anyone that splits their time between mobile video applications like Vine or Instagram and Twitter, the social network is adding the ability to post 30-second video clips directly to the main feed.
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Make temporary tattoos out of your Instagram photos with Picatoo

If you have ever wanted to put your Instagram photos on your body (cause seriously, who doesn't), now you can. Picattoo makes full-color temporary tattoos of your choosing, for $15 for a set of 12.
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Pinterest presents search results based on your gender to attract more men

If you're a guy who's tired of sifting through irrelevant pictures on Pinterest, help has arrived — the site now lets you filter content for men and women through its Guided Search.
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Twitter wants its popular users to stop posting Instagram links

Apparently having had enough of users skipping off to Instagram to view images, Twitter is now sending out messages to its verified users suggesting they post pictures within their tweets.
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Muzik Headphones Review

The world's first 'smart headphones' are really, really dumb.
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Twitter announces ‘while you were away’ recap feature

Twitter has officially announced a new feature for surfacing "the best tweets" you might've missed while away from the service. The 'recap' posts will show at the top of your timeline, with infrequent users likely to notice the feature more…
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WhatsApp lands on desktop, though iOS users are left out in cold

WhatsApp on Wednesday rolled out a desktop version of its popular messaging app that pairs with smartphones with the software, though issues with Apple's platform mean iOS users won't be able to make use of it.

Android photographers can sell photos on Snapwire via new native app

Snapwire, a stock photo agency that is leveraging the increasing use of mobile devices among photographers, has launched its app for Android. The app allows Android users to connect with buyers, and sell their photos.
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Facebook tweaks News Feed to cut down on hoax posts

Facebook is launching a new offensive against hoax content on News Feeds, tweaking its algorithm to pinpoint such material, which should result in reduced distribution in the feed.