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Crossing a line? California school district hires company to watch students’ social media

In California, a school district is paying a social media monitoring firm to keep an eye on students' social media activity. Privacy advocates are calling foul. But when kids are at risk, where do we draw the line?
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Anger spreads like the plague on social media, study shows

If you want to get retweeted, sound like an angry crank. That's the lesson learned from a newly released study by researchers at China's Beihang University, which investigates how messages containing different emotions spread on social…

Nokia gets 2 famous smartphone-averse photographers to shoot with a Lumia 1020

Despite not knowing what selfies are and never having used smartphones in their work, respected photographers David Bailey and Bruce Weber collaborated on a project with Nokia to try out the Lumia 1020 on a photo shoot in New York City.
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Tumblr’s first official book club taps your inner ‘fangirl’

Tumblr just launched its first official bookclub with "Fangirl," a novel celebrating Internet culture. We got in touch Rachel Fershleiser, the woman behind Reblog Bookclub, to see what it has in store.
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What’s on, matey? Online piracy helps Netflix decide which shows to buy

Online piracy isn't all bad, if you ask Netflix. Reports show that the streaming giant regularly checks out illegal file-sharing platforms to help it decide which television shows and movies to add to its service.
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Instagram selfies are apparently inspiring top fashion moguls

Perhaps selfies aren't entirely useless after all. Fashion influencers from Vogue chief editor Anna Wintour to designers Jason Wu and Nanette Lapore are using selfies as a source of inspiration for their upcoming projects.
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Twitter’s advertising power is getting a high profile test

Attempting to make its comeback as the "cool" clothing brand, Gap is partnering with Twitter on its next big ad push, and the results may serve as a good example of Twitter's marketing power.
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Watch out, Grumpy Cat! These are the newly famous felines ready to steal your spotlight

Could one of these felines be the new Grumpy Cat? Only time - and Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr - will tell!
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WTF, Internet? Why do Twitter’s ‘verified’ users get nice things and we don’t?

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Twitter, which is giving yet more benefits to verified users - right in front of the rest of us! Rude.
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The best new way to use Instagram is for recipe inspiration

Turns out there's more to Instagram than selfies and pet pics - there are some great mealtime how-to's buried in there as well.
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‘Have you lurked her texts?’ How the directors of ‘Noah’ captured the pain of Facebook-era dating

A short film takes a look at a relationship imploding after digital miscommunications. It's basically a movie about the pitfalls of using Facebook as a mating call.
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Facebook wants a piece of Twitter’s “social TV” action, but what does that mean for you?

Now that we've all given up and just watch TV with phones in hand and tablets on lap, Twitter has reaped the rewards of second screen engagement. But here comes Facebook ...