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WhatsApp hits 800m active users, could top a billion by year’s end

Messaging app WhatsApp is now used by 800 million people globally, founder Jan Koum said Friday. At its current growth rate, the Facebook-owned cross-platform service looks set to top a billion users by year's end.

Police officers hilariously use a lost phone to post selfies on Facebook

When a lost iPhone without a passcode activated was handed into a police station in Australia recently, the cops decided to use an unusual method to reunite it with its owner. They posted selfies to her Facebook page.

Instagram gets strict on nudity and harassment policy, clarifies what is and isn’t

Instagram has revised its community guidelines with stricter language regarding nudity and harassment. While the social network still prohibits them, it clarifies what can and can't be uploaded.

Fiverr Faces app uses pro artists to illustrate your selfies

Are photo selfies too boring for your social networking reputation? Stand out from the crowd and turn your selfies into illustrations, with the new Faces app from Fiverr. The service employs top illustrators to draw your mug.
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Twitter redesigns its homepage in bid to snag new users

Twitter's introducing a new homepage for the desktop that it hopes will persuade more people to join the microblogging service. While the old page acted simply as a place to login, the new one features lots of real-time Twitter content for…
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Androiders, you can now livestream, too! Meerkat is available now

Meerkat's had a rough few weeks following the launch of Twitter-owned Periscope, but it's not out of the livestreaming game yet. The plucky startup on Wednesday launched a public beta of its app for Android, beating Periscope to the…
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NBA connects international fans with legends and superstars via live Q&A

The NBA will show their fan appreciation for the millions who followed the 2014-2015 regular season with 20 different live Q&A sessions on social media with more than 20 NBA players and legends.

Artists demand that the NYPD return Edward Snowden bust in a letter from their lawyer

A group of unknown artists placed a bronze bust of NSA leaker Edward Snowden in a Brooklyn park. It was later removed by park officials and the NYPD are investigating who made it. The artists are now demand its return.
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HBO’s not happy about Periscope users livestreaming Game of Thrones

Livestreaming app Periscope may be new, but it's already catching the attention of some of the cable networks. An annoyed HBO, for example, has told the startup to do something about its users streaming the new season of Game of Thrones.

Rambo the octopus loves taking pictures of visitors with a Sony camera

An octopus in a New Zealand aquarium is taking pictures of visitors with a Sony Cyber-shot camera. Sony created a video of the "octographer" in action to brag about its underwater camera.
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Twitter reportedly telling celebs to ditch Meerkat for Periscope

Having laid down a reported $100m for livestreaming app Periscope, you didn't think Twitter would just sit back and see how it fared against rival Meerkat, did you? A new report suggests it's now taking a very active role in promoting its…

VueVoyage uses photography to pick world’s best travel destinations

When it comes to virtual travel, it's all about the photography. VueVoyage is a travel-focused social network that curates the world's best destinations based on photos.