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Best web hosting companies

Looking for someone to host your growing website? Well the search is over. Here are our picks for the best web hosting companies currently itching to take on your business.
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Facebook loses privacy case in Germany, may help Europeans protect data

Facebook must comply with privacy rules in Germany, a Berlin court ruled this week, even if Facebook has an established presence in the European Union. This may have big implications for data protection rules in Europe.
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Venezuela censors tweets amid protests, Twitter confirms

Amid protests, it appears Venezuela is blocking images on Twitter. Activists say this image blocking is part of a larger censorship plan to quell the unrest. Twitter told the AP that images were, in fact, being blocked.
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Facebook can estimate how long your relationship will last

To mark Valentine's Day, Facebook has published a series of blog posts from its Data Science team that show how likely we are to stay together, the best cities for singles, average age gaps and more.
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Facebook expands gender identity options on user profiles

Taking steps to work towards greater diversity on Facebook, the team that handles user profile development on Facebook has expanded gender identity roles beyond traditional male and female options.
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Facebook follows Google and launches ferry service for workers

Following protests in San Francisco which saw private employee buses belonging to Silicon Valley tech giants blocked by angry residents, Facebook is following in Google's footsteps by transporting some of its employees to work on a…
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Virgin America launches in-flight social network for business travelers

Potentially useful when traveling to a conference, Virgin America is launching support for a location-aware social network that allows professionals to connect over LinkedIn while in the air.

Online photo community 500px launches Prime, a commercial licensing service

Popular online photo community 500px, a place where amateur and professional photographers share their work, is launching a commercial licensing service called Prime. Acting as an agent, 30 percent of proceeds from a photo sold goes to the…
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Intro, we hardly knew you: LinkedIn gets rid of its 3-month-old email-centric iPhone app

LinkedIn has "retired" its barely-three-months-old iPhone app, LinkedIn Intro. LinkedIn says it wants to focus on other projects, but the real reasoning may be because of Intro's invasive nature, as how critics have described the app.
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Don’t like your Facebook ‘Look Back’ video? Here’s how you can edit it

Facebook now lets users edit their "Look Back" videos, so people embarrassed by a particular photo or trying to purge evidence of an ex can rest easy. However, the alternative photos offered as options may not be any better than what the…
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Facebook gives grieving father a ‘Look Back’ video for his dead son

A grieving father asked Facebook to make him a "Look Back" video for his dead son. His plea went viral and Facebook responded in an unexpected way: they said yes.
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Twitter scolds U.S. government for censoring its transparency reports

Twitter published its transparency reports today, along with a blog post taking a stand against the current U.S. policy on releasing information. Twitter wrote that the government's current restrictions violate the First Amendment