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Twitter adds cover photos to user profiles and updates iPad app

Twitter's latest changes enable users to include a cover photo to their profile. The social network has also updated the user interface of its iPad app.

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Sen. Schumer to unveil BRAINS Act, an immigration bill for tech talent

Sen. Chuck Schumer will unveil a new immigration bill today that seeks to fill the talent gap in the U.S. technology industry.

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PayDragon goes all in on mobile payments with Checkout, its order-anything-anywhere-anytime feature

Mobile payments app PayDragon takes its fight on the foot cart line national with Checkout, its one-click shopping feature.


NFL yanks replacement referee over Facebook photos

While sports teams are monitoring players on social networks like Facebook, it's clear that the NFL needs to monitor referees as well.

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Winklevoss twins invest in ‘SumZero’ social network

Consider it social media deja vu: Having settled a lawsuit over ownership of Facebook, the Winklevoss twins are investing part of their settlement in... a new social network. What could go wrong this time?

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Google acquires Nik Software, and iOS photo app Snapseed

With Google scooping up Nik Software and its iOS app, Snapseed, Google Plus users might be seeing some dramatic changes to the way we publish images on the social network.


Twitter roadkill: Photo-sharing apps ousted today, what’s next?

Photo-sharing sites get the boot as Twitter continues to tighten things up.


Shazam now recognizes 160 television channels to enhance TV viewing experience

Shazam announced its foray into providing auxiliary content to enhance your television viewing experience in over 160 channels.


Gartner report: By 2014, 10-15 percent of social media reviews will be fake

Gartner analysts have found that by 2014, between 10 and 15 percent of reviews will be fake.

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Twitter turns over Occupy tweets to court: Why this matters

Twitter today succumbed to pressure from a New York criminal court to turn over deleted tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protester. This is why you should care.


Instagram updates mobile website: Are full profiles next?

Instagram has rolled out a new design to its mobile website to more closely match its full site's design, adding hope to the rumor that profile updates are next in line.


No surprise here, Ping is shutting down on September 30

Tim Cook hinted that Ping was failing and a third-party social media integration was something Apple was open to. Apple is following through and shutting down Ping on September 30.


Topshop and Facebook join forces for unique London Fashion Week event

If you're into fashion, Facebook and online shopping, you might be interested to hear more about Topshop's plans for its catwalk event at London Fashion Week this Sunday....

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Zuckerberg talk restores investor confidence….a little bit

Following Mark Zuckerberg's Q&A in San Francisco on Tuesday, Facebook shares climbed by $1.50 to $20.93, though this still leaves them some way below the launch price of $38.

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Social casino games will generate $2.4 billion in revenue by 2015. Will gambling save Zynga?

As executives abandon Zynga in droves, a new report on the future of social gambling bodes well for the company's new ventures.