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Twitter ousts Facebook to take top spot in ‘best tech employee’ chart

Glassdoor's sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards has revealed that workers at Twitter are currently the happiest in the tech industry. It's the first time the company has made the top 50 list, with more than 20 other tech companies coming…

Twitter update enhances DM feature with image support and prominent positioning

A significant Twitter update rolled out for iOS and Android on Tuesday sees the microblogging service enhancing its DM feature, allowing messages to now include images and pushing the feature onto the tab bar at the bottom of the main…
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Facebook expands AI project, takes another step closer toward robot apocalypse

Facebook hired a "deep learning" luminary for its New York City artificial intelligence research lab, NYU professor Yann LeCun. Will the expanding project change how we search online, or just help Facebook sell ads?
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Obama takes ‘funeral selfie’ and Internet collapses in on itself like a dying star

President Obama attended a memorial service for former South African president and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, gaining the Internet's ire when he posed for a selfie with other political leaders.
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Facebook’s year in review: We went crazy for football, Pope Francis, and Disneyland in 2013

Facebook released an overview of the most popular places and topics for 2013. Some of the results were expected – elections, sports, celebrities. Apparently everyone wanted to check in at Disneyland.

Facebook reveals its 2013 games of the year

Facebook has released a list of its games of the year. The list includes 23 games that span multiple categories, and come from studios located all around the world.
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SickWeather scans Twittersphere for people who are ill, creates map of areas to avoid

If you're trying to escape catching a cold or getting allergies, use SickWeather to see which areas in your city to avoid. The iOS app scans Twitter and Facebook feeds to determine which areas of your city are most likely to get you sick.
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Scammers using Paul Walker ‘death video’ to exploit Facebook users for their personal info

Facebook scammers are spreading a fake Paul Walker car crash video, preying on Facebook users' morbid curiosity to snag personal information. This is just another example of how scam artists use our obsession with celebrity culture against…
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Want to make money? Study says Instagram beats Twitter, Facebook in brand engagement

Why Instagram is best for brands: According to a new study, businesses looking to maximize their branding return of investment should favor the photo-sharing platform over other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and more launch ‘Reform Government Surveillance’ campaign

After months of NSA leaks, a coalition of eight major U.S. technology companies, led by Google and Microsoft, launched a public campaign to overhaul the scope and oversight of government surveillance.
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Reddit community helps Houston woman find her lost dog

Thankfully a happy ending to a situation that every pet owner fears, a woman living in Houston was able to leverage the Reddit community to help locate her lost dog in a very short period of time.
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SpaghettiOs’ Pearl Harbor tweet enrages Twitter, company apologizes

Definitely a lesson in what not to do on social media, the folks behind the SpaghettiOs Twitter account probably should have spent more time crafting the proper tweet to remember Pearl Harbor.