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Facebook says security mishap exposed 6 million users’ contact info

Facebook has announced a slightly serious security mishap: A bug in the Download Your Information (DYI) tool may have exposed your personal information.
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5 million Instagram videos were shared in the first 24 hours

A whopping 5 million video clips were shared on Instagram in the first 24 hours and 40 hours of video per minute. Not a bad first day - and we're sure Vine has taken note.

Can pen and paper survive in a world of touchscreens and tablets?

The recent closing of Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Handwriting Analysis Unit has led us to question the future of handwriting in a digital age. Will technology manage to kill one of the most inherently human methods of communication?
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Surprise! You can embed Instagram videos in 5 easy steps

It's not very hard to embed Instagram video - you just need to know a few tricks. Luckily, we have them all rounded up for you, with screenshots to boot.

‘Google Mine:’ List all your belongings and share your hoarding habits on Google+

Google Mine is a new Google+ integrated service that should be unveiling soon. This service will allow you to showcase items you already own or items you want to own, with friends and other Google+ users.
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The social video wars have begun: Instagram vs. Vine vs. Viddy

Now that video for Instagram is here, you need to weight your options about which social video app is meant for you. How do the newly popular Vine and the original Viddy hold up against their new competitor?
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Tips and tricks for using Facebook lists to eliminate News Feed noise

Are you fed up with how incredibly irrelevant your Facebook News Feed is? You can use lists to isolate people you want to hear less from, and here's how.
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If you love the NBA, watch out for Facebook spam

Watch out for Facebook scams targeting NBA fans - you could end up with no finals-watching and a computer full of malware.
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Sure, Instagram video is cool, but now you can turn Vines into animated GIFs

Even though it's being overshadowed by Instagram video, Vine still has some tricks up its sleeve - including a new service lets you turn Vines into animated GIFs. Let the fun begin!
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Hands on: Instavideo? Videogram? Whatever it is, it’s here, and this is how it works

It's finally happened: Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app, it's a media-sharing app. We took a deep dive into everything the new video feature has to offer, including its unique filters, Cinema effect, and how it's going to mess up…
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Instagram has video? Well Vine has a big update too!

Instagram now has video but Vine has ... a teaser for upcoming features. Of course, the teaser was announced using Vine, so we broke down these videos into stills to try and see what's coming up for the app.
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Retro sunsets and lattes, now in motion: Instagram rolls out video functionality

As expected, Facebook introduced Instagram video today at a live event. Check out all the details of the update that is now live and ready for your many smartphone recordings.