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Are social apps creating or killing romance?

A slew of new apps promising real love from your preexisting social network are hitting the market, hinting that your next romance - or hookup - is probably someone you're already Facebook friends with.

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Twitter will shut down Posterous at the end of April

Once a rising competitor to the extremely popular, visual microblogging platform known as Tumblr, Posterous is being completely shut down by Twitter's management in less than ninety days.

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Facebook says its engineers’ computers were hacked – last month

Laptops of Facebook engineers were infected with malware hidden in a Java exploit. The vulnerability has been patched and user data hasn't been compromised, although we're only hearing about this a month after the fact.

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Facebook rolls out ability to promote friend’s posts

Facebook added the option to promote your own posts for a fee, and now it's gradually rolling out the option to promote your friend's posts as well.

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Facebook explains how minors are getting special treatment when it comes to Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search gives users a revealing and sometimes embarassing look at other users, but Facebook has some measures in place to protect minors.

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Study: Social media apparently skews young urban Hispanic women

The Pew Internet Life project has taken another look at America's love (and use) of social media, and discovered an audience that is skewing female and Hispanic - and also, interestingly enough, shrinking when compared with a couple of months earlier.

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Sorry Vine, your porn problem isn’t going anywhere

Last month, the App Store laid down the law and gave Vine an R rating. As the app continues to struggle with censoring adult content, it might be time to take a page out of other visual social networks' books to cut down on the NSFW videos. But is our…

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Pew study digs into what social media users looked like in 2012

Pew studied Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram to get a better look at what types of users were on these social networks in 2012.

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Pot, meet kettle: The user that filed the lawsuit against Instagram is still using her account

Instagram requested that the class action lawsuit over its changed terms of service be thrown out in light of recent facts about the plaintiff.


Hands On: Kickstarter goes mobile, hits iOS first

Kickstarter finally unveiled its first mobile app, to iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and the app is a sure crowd pleaser.


This Valentine’s day, is it time to tell your Twitter crush you care? Well look no further!

Got a crush on someone but can't bring yourself to admit it in person? That's what the Internet's for! With You So Fu*king Hot, anyone can use the Twitter service to send anonymous love confessions - as long as you keep them to 140 characters.

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With class in session, automakers finally get their social media report card

Car companies are using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest as marketing tools, but do they know what they're doing? A new report rates their likability.


Twitter API will get language detection and ‘top tweets’ filtering

Twitter's latest inclusion to its API adds language detection and filters for "high value" tweets.

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These brands and celebrities don’t care about your Tweets as much as you’d like

Just because someone (or something) follows you on Twitter doesn't mean that they're interested in what you have to say. A new list reveals the ten Twitter accounts of celebrities and brands who tend to "mass follow" to build their online audience.

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Send that special someone your still-beating heart this Valentine’s Day

There's nothing more romantic than sending your significant other your still beating heart. You can do this, digitally of course, with Rebtel's Re:Beat app. It's official: we found the weirdest, borderline-creepy way to say "I love you" with technology.