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Unhappy users want to know why Twitter just killed background images

Twitter has taken away users' background images on their profiles, notifications pages, and timelines, the company confirmed. Now, all that users see is a dull and drab white background, and it doesn't make them happy.
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Instagram apologizes to user for handing his account to soccer star with same name

Andrés Iniesta was happy filling his Instagram account with photos of his kids, buildings, and, of course, food. But after his account was closed for supposedly violating the site's terms, he noticed a much more famous Iniesta very quickly…
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Twitter’s new ‘Safety Center’ is a hub for its anti-abuse tools, and more

Since Twitter's former boss said in February that the service was failing to deal with trolls and abuse effectively, it's has been rolling out all manner of tools and features in a bid to get to grips with the situation. On Monday came the…
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Instagram at last brings search to Web version

It's been a while coming, but Instagram has finally seen fit to introduce a search tool for the Web version of its photo-sharing service. Rolled out on Monday, the new feature lets users search for content by hashtag, location, and user…
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Tumblr now lets brands identify their logos in blogs

Tumblr now allows companies to search for their own logos on all the blogs active on the social media site. This is part of the so-called visual Web, where brands will look increasingly to images as a way of interpreting analytics.
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Messenger app giving Facebook’s own main app a run for its money

Facebook's Messenger app is getting more and more popular these days. So much so, that it actually has been downloaded more times in the last 2.5 years than Facebook's own main app.
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More and more parents are joining Facebook, so be careful what you say, kids

A new Pew Research Center study reveals that a growing number of parents are using Facebook either to provide or receive "parenting-related information and social support," either because parents are hipper or Facebook's users are older.
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Forget video games and tech in general, adult coloring books are the latest way to relax

We're surrounded by screens of all sizes, and all kinds of wonderful tech to keep us entertained, but many people are turning to the simple pleasures of adult coloring books to help relax. It's becoming a considerable phenomenon.
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Whatever happened to all that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge money?

According to the ALS Association, thus far, "$47.1 million has been spent or budgeted toward specific purposes," whereas the rest of the money from the Ice Bucket Challenge will be divided up among five main buckets of their own.

Reddit’s new CEO plans to restrict NSFW content, and ban harmful subreddits

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman announced today that the site is considering new restrictions on what users can post. Restricted content would include individuals' personal information, illegal material, and content that bullies or incites…
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Storytelling social network Flipagram signs music licensing deals with majors

Flipagram announced it has signed licensing deals with major record companies and music publishers. Users can now easily add popular music into their photo-video slideshows. For the music industry, it taps into Flipagram's growing user…

Yik Yak app steps up its game by introducing photos

Yik Yak, the social app that lets college students anonymously post text-based posts, has announced users will now be able to share photos on the service. Photos must be "mom-safe," and will be approved by moderators before posting.