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LinkedIn boss hands out iPad Minis to all 3,500 employees

Spreading a little love just ahead of Valentine's Day, LinkedIn boss Jeff Weiner rewarded all full-time employees at the company with an iPad Mini on Wednesday. The gift was reportedly in recognition of their "hard work and accomplishments" in 2012.


How does the chaos of Craigslist love endure in an eHarmony world?

In an Internet increasingly full of sophisticated platforms for finding romance online, the world's least user intuitive network continues to thrive. Diving into the world of Craigslist love is like shooting down the rabbit hole: It's dark and scary - but at…

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Put down that book, your brain wants Twitter feeds

Crawling through War and Peace might get you an A in high school English, but as new research shows, our brains are actually better suited to the shorter snippets the Internet delivers.

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People use social networks to cheat; ‘Shocking!’ says no one

Studies show that cheaters online will open a new social media account, and couples are increasingly sharing their login info with each other - but even if your significant other offered up his or her login info, don't go thinking you're all clear.

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The last-minute Internet guide to not getting dumped on Valentine’s Day

Got a little lazy with the romance this year? Have a new certain someone in your life you're unprepared to woo? Worry not: the Internet has plenty of last-minute tricks up its sleeve.


Will researchers ever be able to wrap their arms around Twitter?

Peering at Twitter is like looking into the Internet's hive mind - at least the Library of Congress thinks so. What can our collective tweets reveal?


Pulse adds social news section to ‘Highlight’ articles your friends are sharing

Pulse has added a brand new social news section called 'Highlight' that surfaces important articles by Facebook friends. This page will aggregate all the personal things being shared by your social circle, as well as showing what bits and pieces of content…


Hold that hashtag: Twitter did not just launch its own payment feature

Twitter and Amex have partnered to enable an e-commerce feature - and that's just what it is, a feature, not a platform. The new service is limited in scope, and third party apps still have plenty of spotlight to soak up from this market.

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Facebook exec offers a 2013 forecast, and it is full of partnership deals

Facebook’s Dan Rose at the D:Dive Conference gave a glimpse of what's to come with Facebook in 2013, which includes books, television, and fitness apps.

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Kickstarter project accused of fraud shuts down campaign

Another Kickstarter project has run afoul. This time the accused is Dirty Bird Sports, which was developing a sports console game until it was outed for the company's suspicious claims.


Snapchat is testing self-destruct videos for Android

Snapchat is rounding out its core features across operating systems, with the testing of self-destructing videos in its Android apps. The new feature is in "pre-beta" testing at the moment, so no word on when it will actually launch, but it's clear Snapchat is…

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Facebook teams up with a Pixar animator to recreate emoticons

When Facebook decided that it wanted to take another run at the creation of the emoticon, it hired an expert in emotional visualization: An animator who's currently working for Pixar.

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American Express and Twitter partner to sell you deals via hashtags

American Express has partnered with Twitter to sell products at a deal using the social network.All you need to do is sign in, sign up, and get to hashtagging.

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Foursquare rolls out new feature enabling members to share venue info with non-members

Foursquare has rolled out a new 'venue pages' feature where users of its app can share information about a location with friends who don't have the app, continuing its move towards becoming more of a Yelp-like search engine and recommendation platform.


Twitter makes a case for mobile advertising, but leaves out key details

Twitter published encouraging research indicating that its mobile app garners far better engagement than its desktop app, but left out crucial details that would explicitly tell advertisers just how effective mobile advertising is on the social network.

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