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Kanye West’s not-so Instagram wedding photo took 4 days to make

Kanye West, during the Cannes Lions creative festival, said that the famous wedding photo of him and Kim Kardashian, took four days to produce. The reason? Because Annie Leibovitz decided not to shoot it.

New Facebook iPad app emphasizes games and trending videos

Facebook is testing out a new update to its iPad app, which adds a sidebar for mobile game notifications, gaming suggestions, and trending content. The social network hopes to attract more game developers and players to its iPad app.
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Facebook and Instagram open up to breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos

Facebook has quietly reversed its controversial stances on breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos – even ones showing nipples. The social network appears to have caved to an online campaign and changed its tune a couple weeks ago.

Iraq blocks access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google

In the latest move in the grim events going on in Iraq, the Iraqi government has blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google in an effort to deter the advancing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's ability to organize and…

Facebook Messenger adds in-app video recording, bigger thumbs

Facebook wants its messaging app to get everything it needs to compete with WhatsApp, Line, ChatOn, and other popular apps. The new Facebook Messenger lets you record short video clips and "Like" things with a giant blue thumbs-up.
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Way to go: Twitter COO tweets his resignation

Twitter's COO announced on Thursday he was leaving the company, relaying the news via a tweet. It's not clear why Ali Rowghani has departed, though a recent report suggested a dispute had broken out between him and Twitter boss…
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Facebook to create better targeted ads based on Web browsing history

Facebook will use Web browsing history to offer better targeted ads, but it will also allow users to opt out of ad tracking, and control which ads they see. The new policy doesn't comply with the Web browser's do-not-track code of honor.

Pinterest brings Guided Search to desktop to help you navigate its 30 billion Pins

Pinterest's Guided Search feature landed on mobile back in April. Now it's about to come to the Web version of the social networking site, offering users a more engaging way of navigating its 30 billion Pins.

Twitter restores TweetDeck after major hack disables app

After hackers discovered a security flaw in TweetDeck, Twitter was forced to shut down the service's apps for a short time. The bug has since been patched and TweetDeck users are back in business.
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How to become Twitter famous: a seven step guide

Gaining Twitter followers, and subsequently becoming a go-to user on Twitter, isn't always easy. We've laid out seven tips for becoming Twitter famous, whether you prefer to tailor your tweets for a specific audience or simply take the high…
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Track the #WorldCup on Facebook, Twitter

Twitter and Facebook added special pages dedicated to posts about the 2014 World Cup, in advance of the opening match. Users can share "hashflags" on Twitter and go crazy on Facebook, cheering for their favorite teams.

Facebook recruits PayPal president David Marcus to lead mobile messaging efforts

Facebook announced Monday it's hired PayPal president David Marcus to lead its mobile messaging efforts. Marcus is expected to focus on developing Messenger, Facebook's cross-platform app currently used by more than 200 million people a…