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Facebook has too many adults, say teens on Twitter

It's true (don't act like you didn't know): Teens feel meh about the whole Facebook thing and are flocking over to Twitter.
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Twitter snags patent for pull-to-refresh, swears it will only use it defensively

Twitter's pull-to-refresh can be found in many mobile apps, and while Twitter was granted the patent, it assures that it will only be used defensively.
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Using Airbnb is now a crime in New York City

An Airbnb host lost his case in New York for renting his apartment through the service. Is this the end for Airbnb in the five boroughs?
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New report says indie labels aren’t complaining about music streaming

Music streaming are actually padding the bottom line of indie music labels, according to a study by music rights agency, Merlin.

Google+ app review: The social network you’re not using gets better

Google+ got a huge update on the Web earlier this week, and now the Android app is getting its own revamping. New photography and location features lead the way on this update to Google's social networking tool.

The Digital Self: Yahoo’s Tumblr buy shows how delicate our online lives are

Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr has raised outrage in a good many users of the simple blogging platform. But even those of us without a Tumblr account can learn a thing or two about how vulnerable our digital lives are when we rely on companies…
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Screw selfies, this intern got a job offer via Instagram

It pays to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and will eventually get tagged on a photo that will change your life.
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All your most pressing Yumblr buy-out questions answered, Tumblr style

Tumblrers, we have new, purple overlords: That's right, Yahoo has bought Tumblr, and the acquisition could mean so many things. You're probably feeling all the feelings, so let's dive in and answer your most pressing Yumblr-related…
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Yahoo CEO on Tumblr: ‘We are not going to screw this up’

Youngsters fearing that Yahoo will make Tumblr less awesome than it currently is can rest easy. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer confirms the two companies will operate completely independently - even down to office location.
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What does the Yahoo-Tumblr deal have in common with weird foodie fan art?

"Yumblr" has a few different definitions - and some of them had nothing to do with corporate mergers and acquisitions before this week.

Yahoo enlivens Flickr with a Pinterest-esque redesign and 1TB of space

Answering the call to make it awesome again, Yahoo unveiled a redesigned Flickr that's more photo centric. To lure users back, Yahoo is also offering 1TB of storage.
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Google product manager confirms, Hangouts will get Google Voice support ‘soon’

Google product manager Nikhyl Singhal confirms in a Google+ blog post that Google Voice support is on the way and will roll out "soon."