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NASA beams down duet of video firsts from the ISS in outer space

NASA utilizes a laser instrument to transmit the first HD video from space, while astronaut Reid Wiseman becomes the first to capture a Vine from space. Check out these two video "firsts," and Wiseman's fantastic images.

Create virtual cliques with Secret app’s ‘Dens’ feature for work, school gossip

Anonymous app Secret added a new small community sharing feature called "Secret Dens," where posters can mention office gossip and other revelations. The Dens are separate from the rest of Secret and are much more intimate.
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Seven years on, @everyword finishes tweeting the dictionary

Since November 2007 the @everyword Twitter account has been tweeting out every word from the dictionary in order, gaining over 100k followers along the way, and has now accomplished its mission.

The Secret Service is unable to detect sarcasm online, wants software that can help

The Secret Service, the agency tasked with protecting the president, apparently has the social skills of Sheldon Cooper. It appears to have a hard time recognizing sarcasm and is looking to science for help.
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CIA joins Twitter, gets started with amusing tweet

It's taken a while, but the CIA has finally joined Twitter, kicking off with a humorous tweet and gathering more than 260,000 followers in a matter of just a few hours.

Apple acquires recommendation service Spotsetter in bid to boost Maps

Apple has reportedly acquired recommendation service Spotsetter in a move apparently geared toward improving its Maps software. The Cupertino company is expected to roll out a much-improved Maps with the launch of iOS 8 in the fall.

D-Day: These Twitter accounts are live tweeting the events of June 6, 1944 today

You can learn about the sacrifices made during D-Day, which occurred 70 years ago today, by following these awesome Twitter accounts. Each account follows the course of D-Day's events, which propelled the Allies towards ultimate victory…

Tinder adds ‘Moments’ photo-sharing feature that disappears after 24 hours

Tinder added a new photo-sharing feature called "Moments" to help users connect more easily with suitable matches. The photos self-destruct 24 hours after they have been sent, just like those sent on Snapchat.

Preggie app connects moms-to-be: Get ready to share your random cravings

The Preggie app aims to be the go-to social network for pregnant women. Moms-to-be can share their cravings, sonograms, concerns, and more with each other and even meet up to compare notes.

Instagram Version 6.0 boasts new and improved photo editing features, more to come

Instagram's latest update, Version 6.0, offers enhancements to its classic lineup of image editing tools. The update also includes ten new editing tools to choose from.
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Here’s a supercut of every single word in the first Star Wars movie, alphabetized

An insane YouTube supercut of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope alphabetizes every single word uttered in the movie, in a 43-minute video. Don't ask questions, just hit play.

Mobile is everything, BuzzFeed dominates, and other big trends shaping the Internet today

Mobile is taking over the Internet in Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report. As traditional forms of media such as TV, advertising, news, and money go mobile how do they change?