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Social Media

NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

According to recent data, NatGeo continues to dominate other brands online regarding social actions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and might easily retain its lead in the future.
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Rocky Horror Picture show gets midnight streaming on HBO Now, tweets encouraged

No showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is complete without audience participation. HBO Now is encouraging viewers to engage on social media on Halloween when the service offers the first-ever midnight streaming of the cult classic.
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Game 1 of the World Series was all anyone talked about on Twitter

Game 1 of the 2015 World Series between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals accumulated 1.085 million tweets from 376,000 Twitter accounts -- that's 600,000 more tweets than any other show on TV last night.

What is the world blogging about? Find out in one infographic

As revealed by the Global Inspiration by Nation report from Bloglovin’, the most popular blog search terms in various countries tend to reflect both the interests and the behaviors of citizens from different corners of the world.

Put your Photoshop skills to work in Adobe’s #PsMystery Halloween game

Put your Photoshop skills to work solving Adobe's #PsMystery challenge. Through updates and clues provided on the blog and Facebook page, you can save the IXS FarStar, its crew members, and the planet Earth.
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Watch this incredible breakup story as told through dance

When words fail, just dance. That, at least, was the approach choreographer extraordinaire Talia Favia took when she created her latest artistic masterpiece -- a routine that captures the heartache of a breakup.
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Twitter launches first TV ad campaign in bid to boost user numbers

Twitter's splashing out on new TV ads in a bid to jumpstart its sagging user growth. The first slot, broadcast during the World Series opener Tuesday night, highlighted Moments, the platform's new feature aimed at simplifying the…
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Honeymoon over for Dorsey as Twitter results disappoint again

Twitter's latest results have disappointed investors again, causing its share value to take a hit. The company is still struggling to attract new users in any great number, and it remains unprofitable, though losses were smaller than a year…
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These are the most Instagrammed Halloween costumes

A new infographic has broken down the most liked costumes on Instagram by state, by collecting costume information from the #Halloween tag. Its shows that, at least to Instagram users, ET is still the most popular costume after more than…
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#SmugVegetarians and bacon fans process their feelings over meat cancer warnings

Social media reactions on Twitter after WHO reports that bacon and other processed meats and red meat may not only cause cancer, but fall into the same category as smoking and asbestos.
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Facebook cards to replace notifications and include reminders

Facebook cards are an updated version of notifications which send reminders of life events, birthdays, and entertainment events based on your location and your activities on Facebook.

Airbnb wants to book your entire trip in the future

Airbnb doesn't want to be your accommodation app, it wants to plan the entire trip for you in the future. The California startup is testing a system to take care of everything from within the app.