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Internet for all: Facebook to start testing Wi-Fi drones next year

The team behind the Facebook-led project to bring Internet connectivity to remote locations around the world using drone technology has revealed that it plans to start the service in the next five years, with test flights scheduled for…
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Facebook reportedly close to launching new ad platform in bid to take on Google

Facebook is reportedly close to launching a new ad platform in a bid to take on Google in the lucrative online ad market. The initiative is linked to the Atlas Advertising Suite that it bought from Microsoft last year.
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NYPD picks up tips at ‘Twitter School’ following hapless outreach initiative

Following the NYPD's hapless attempt at connecting with the public using Twitter earlier in the year, officials at the department have been taking social media lessons in a bid to avoid making similar blunders in the future.
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Is Google+ being slowly sunsetted? Mandatory Gmail integration gets removed

Definitely a shift away from promoting Google+ usage, the search company has removed the mandatory requirement of setting up a new Google+ account when signing up for a Gmail account.

Teen petitions to have self-portrait with cat and lasers as yearbook pic

An Upstate New York teenager is petitioning his high school to allow him to use a portrait of him and his cat – with lasers in the backdrop – in the yearbook. The school is leaning toward no.

Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other sites join ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest

Dozens of high-profile Internet companies joined the "Internet Slowdown" protest, which will be held on September 10. The protest aims to show how the creation of Internet fast and slow lanes would affect service.
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DiGiorno is the latest company to make a social media blunder

Thankfully caught quickly and handled responsibly after it was posted, pizza maker DiGiorno got into some hot water after posting a tweet that didn't take the serious meaning of a hashtag into account.

We love you, Internet! These are the 10 funniest jokes about Apple’s Watch

The Oatmeal, The Onion, and others made us laugh when we saw their reactions to Apple's Watch announcement. We think you will too. Learn more here.

Twitter now testing a ‘buy’ button that lets you purchase stuff in a few taps

Twitter is hoping its new 'buy' button, which it started testing this week on a limited scale, will be a hit with users and businesses alike. The button will appear in some tweets, allowing users to buy products in just a few…
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Woman driving while using Facebook crashes, kills 89-year-old lady

Yet another case of distracted driving and social media obsession, a 20-year-old woman was charged with negligent homicide after crashing into another vehicle while she was allegedly browsing photos on Facebook.

Adam Levine tweets from an iPhone after promoting Milk Music for Samsung

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 tweeted from an iPhone after promoting Milk Music for Samsung at Galaxy note 4 event in New York City. He joins the ranks of Samsung celebrity endorsers who've used iPhones instead.

Celebrate 2014’s Sunday football kickoff with Madden NFL 15’s GIFerator

EA Sports launches the Madden GIFerator website, which uses Madden 15 to turn big NFL plays into GIFs. Fans can also use the website to create GIFs of their own.