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Tinder adds ‘Moments’ photo-sharing feature that disappears after 24 hours

Tinder added a new photo-sharing feature called "Moments" to help users connect more easily with suitable matches. The photos self-destruct 24 hours after they have been sent, just like those sent on Snapchat.

Preggie app connects moms-to-be: Get ready to share your random cravings

The Preggie app aims to be the go-to social network for pregnant women. Moms-to-be can share their cravings, sonograms, concerns, and more with each other and even meet up to compare notes.

Instagram Version 6.0 boasts new and improved photo editing features, more to come

Instagram's latest update, Version 6.0, offers enhancements to its classic lineup of image editing tools. The update also includes ten new editing tools to choose from.
Movies & TV

Here’s a supercut of every single word in the first Star Wars movie, alphabetized

An insane YouTube supercut of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope alphabetizes every single word uttered in the movie, in a 43-minute video. Don't ask questions, just hit play.

Mobile is everything, BuzzFeed dominates, and other big trends shaping the Internet today

Mobile is taking over the Internet in Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker's annual Internet trends report. As traditional forms of media such as TV, advertising, news, and money go mobile how do they change?

Study finds that lonely women use Facebook all the time

According to a new study from Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia, women who consider themselves to be lonely or depressed are more willing to disclose information through the social network.
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Instagram joins Facebook, Twitter, YouTube on Iran’s banned list, no one is surprised

An Iranian court order adds Instagram to a growing list of banned social media apps, which includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, due to "privacy issues." However, many high-level leaders continue to use social media for their own…
Music aims to become the first social network for music

NYC startup wants to become the first social network for music. Founder Parker Lieberman thinks Dropp will be the "record collection for a new generation."
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Feeling hungry? You will soon find restaurant menus on Facebook

Definitely ideal for anyone that's an avid foodie as well as a Facebook user, the social network is now offering restaurant owners the ability to upload full menus that will be linked to the restaurant's Facebook page.

Facebook offers ‘Privacy Checkup,’ changes your posts so they aren’t public

Facebook gets serious about user privacy with a change in default posting settings from "Public" to "Friends Only." The social network will also offer a "Privacy Checkup." What's going on here?
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Facebook adds Shazam-like audio recognition to tag TV shows, music

Incorporating a fairly complex audio recognition tool within the status update interface, Facebook is attempting to make it easier for you to let your friends know about your favorite music and TV shows.
Social Media

Facebook users can now ‘ask’ their friends about their relationship status

Is your crush single or taken? If his or her relationship status is mysteriously unlisted on Facebook, the social network's new "ask" feature will let you step up and ask for yourself.