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Twitter data could aide physicians in providing less stressful MRI scans

Researchers have examined tweets to find ways to improve patient MRI experience. Tweets analyzed include those shared up to the MRI, during, and after to determine how to make MRIs less stressful.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg pledges to put an end to Candy Crush spam

During a Q&A session at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to significantly scale back unsolicited game messages exchanged between users on the social networking site.
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Twitter Moments TV ad strikes out with viewers

Twitter aired a 30-second television ad promoting its newest feature, Moments, but the fast-paced commercial ended up being viewed as incomprehensible, crazy, and weird, and left viewers confused.
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Twitter plans to make money off 500 million logged-out visitors

If you visit Twitter and access content without logging in, you will soon see ads rolling through your feed in Twitter's attempt to earn money from viewers without Twitter accounts.
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Ford drivers can tweet while driving with new Sync AppLink social controls

Ford drivers can now tweet and manage social media accounts through Sync AppLink's voice-activated controls. Ford's goal is to provide a way to access social media safely and legally while driving.
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In the future, social media and A.I. will keep us alive forever

Social media histories will one day be used to create 3D digital lives, allowing the deceased to socialize and communicate with loved ones -- essentially keeping them alive forever.

Visit a museum on your iPad with le d├ęserteur 1:01

Getting your daily dose of culture can be difficult -- it's expensive, it's time consuming, and there are days when you don't want to put on pants. But now, you don't have to get dressed to get educated -- just download le…

Twitch embraces the arts with Creative category, Bob Ross marathon

Twitch has expanded its gaming-focused streaming service as part of a newly established partnership with Adobe, introducing a new "Creative" category featuring streamed content from artists, musicians, and other creators.

Slate, Adobe’s visual storytelling app, now available on the Web 0:30

Slate is a new, easy-to-use iPad and Web-based storytelling app from Adobe designed to help users create visually stunning websites for presentations such as newsletters, book reports, and even magazines.
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Richard Gere responds to ‘somewhat fictional’ Facebook post

In a Facebook Q&A, Richard Gere addresses the recent viral Facebook post purporting that he spent time undercover as a homeless person, passing out hundreds of dollars to other homeless people.
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NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

According to recent data, NatGeo continues to dominate other brands online regarding social actions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and might easily retain its lead in the future.
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Rocky Horror Picture show gets midnight streaming on HBO Now, tweets encouraged

No showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is complete without audience participation. HBO Now is encouraging viewers to engage on social media on Halloween when the service offers the first-ever midnight streaming of the cult classic.