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Survival of the felines: 10 reasons why Grumpy Cat has lasted so long (and her 15 minutes are up)

Grumpy Cat is the darling of the meme world. She's gone from online sweetheart to real-life celebrity, amassing a fortune for her cat owners. But we think her 15 minutes of fame are wearing thin. We look back at the best of Grumpy Cat.

Time Magazine Instagram Photographer of 2014 puts lens on impoverished California region

Time Magazine has named Matt Black as its Instagram Photographer of the Year 2014. Black focuses his lens on the poverty in California's Central Valley and uses Instagram to easily reach an audience.

Turn your selfies into ads for clothes, make some money

A new "selfies for money" app, Stylinity allows you to upload phone pics of fashion items to their site. If someone buys the items from your selfie, then you get redeemable points, cash, or products.
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Woman assaults grandmother for denying Facebook friend request

Likely feeling spurned after her grandmother ignored her Facebook friend request, a 27-year-old Florida women decided that committing aggravated battery would be the best way to become Facebook friends.
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Rolling solo at a hotel? Marriott wants to hook you up (with platonic pals)

Your next business stay at a Marriott hotel could be more like a hostel thanks to Six Degrees, a social-networking experiment designed to connect like-minded travellers staying under the same roof.
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Instagram mass-deletes spam accounts, users freak out

In an attempt to purge Instagram of problematic accounts and useless spammers, the social network deleted millions of accounts this week much to the chagrin of celebrities and general users.

The city of South Pittsburg simply can’t stand criticism anymore, so it banned it

The city of South Pittsburg, Tennessee just banned city employees from criticizing it in social media. The punishment for violators wasn't revealed, but the new policy does not forbid the use of social media.
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Snapchat quietly put down $15m for a company that makes smart glasses

Leaked emails have revealed that back in March Snapchat quietly acquired a company that makes smart glasses. The startup apparently paid $15 million for the company, though the reasons for the purchase aren't altogether clear.

Absurd Tumblr site combines images of two celebs into crazy funny offsprings

From Spockahontas to Quentin Tarantina Turner, a hilarious Tumblr site from a Swedish graphic designer mixes half-images of famous celebs (real and fake) into love children with equally funny names.

Instagram rolls out five new filters, first in two years

Bored of using the same old Instagram filters? Well, thanks to an update rolled out Tuesday, you now have five new ones to choose from. You can also move your filters about, bunching together your favorites while shifting the others out of…
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Twitter said to be weighing up whether to put autoplay videos in timelines

Use Twitter? How do you like the sound of autoplay videos in your timeline? According to an Adweek report this week, the social media site is considering the feature in a bid to boost ad revenue.
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Facebook won’t add a ‘Dislike’ button, but it might add an ‘LOL’ button to your News Feed

Facebook isn’t going to build you a “Dislike” button, though they’ve considered it. This was one of the many interesting things founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared at a recent public Q&A session.