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Social media data may help detect and prevent food illness outbreaks

The FSA in the UK uses social media hashtags and images indicating sickness to detect, track, and monitor data with the hope of catching and addressing food poisoning sooner to prevent widespread outbreaks.
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No thanks, Facebook: Here’s how to permanently delete your account

Follow these steps to delete your Facebook account permanently.
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Government data requests submitted to Facebook at all-time record

Facebook is receiving more and more government data requests. Its latest report for the first half of 2015 shows 18 percent growth in the number of requests compared to the first half of 2014.

Fyuse spatial photo app update adds 3D tagging, smoother renderings

Fyuse, an app that uses spatial imaging technology to capture photos in 3D, released an update that adds several enhancements, including 3D tagging, faster compression, and smoother rendering.

Google helps you control all your data in a new About Me page

Google knows it can be difficult managing all of the privacy settings on its various services, so it's attempted to simplify it by bringing them all together into one location. The new About Me page has everything it knows about you in one…
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Facebook launches Notify, a standalone iPhone app for breaking news

Facebook has launched Notify, a standalone iOS app that alerts users to breaking news and other stories as notifications. It's launching with a several major outlets, including the Washington Post and CNN.
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Tumblr finally gets a ‘real’ instant messaging feature

Tumblr introduced a kind of messaging system called Fan Mail in 2012 but traditional IM features like threaded conversations weren't included. On Tuesday the blogging platform finally started to roll out what it's calling a "real" IM tool…
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Facebook’s Photo Magic reminds you to send friends their pics

Facebook's new Photo Magic feature uses facial recognition to scan your camera roll, and sends you reminders to share relevant photos through Messenger with the friends it recognizes.

John McAfee: Why the hacking of Ashley Madison will go down in history

John McAfee discusses the biggest hack of 2015, its ramifications, and if there is anything positive that came out of the cheating habits of millions being exposed for all to see.

The Wi-Fi password for tonight’s GOP debate is ‘StopHillary.’ Really.

In a story that reads like a segment from Saturday Night Live's "Really?" members of the media must input the Wi-Fi password "StopHillary" in order to access the Internet at tonight's Republican debate.
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Star Wars #ForceForDaniel fan dies days after seeing an early screening of the film

Daniel Fleetwood, a 31-year-old Star Wars fan dying of cancer, whose wish was to see The Force Awakens before it is released in December, has died. Cast members, fans, and celebrities had rallied their support on Twitter.
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A hashtag for taxi riders to share experiences backfires spectacularly

An Australian taxi association says its Twitter campaign asking customers for feedback on its service has not been an epic fail, despite most people responding with tales ranging from the mildly critical to the downright scary.