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This Facebook app will tell you how many crimes you’ve committed

Your Facebook profile is full of violations, and this app by Amnesty International can tell you which ones warrant the harshest punishment.

Slacktivists, unite! Social media campaigns aren’t just feel-good back patting

Unicef says "Likes don't save lives," ribbing social media "slacktivists" whose social consciences only extend as far as their mousepad. But are they guilting the wrong people with this campaign?

Facebook’s 6.1.1 iOS update rolls out with re-sharing, saving photos, group messaging

Facebook rolled out a new update to its iOS app that provides users the option to re-share or save photos, along side with new group messaging support.
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Does Twitter verification still mean anything?

Everybody lusts for Twitter's magic blue Verified badge. Except when they don't – and lately, that seems to be a lot of people. What happened to the once-coveted crown to make it lose its appeal?
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41 new Google+ features announced at Google I/O

With Google I/O taking place today, the company announced 41 brand new features to Google+.
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Webby Awards announces this year’s meme nominees

The Webby Awards, in conjunction with Buzzfeed, announced the nominees of this year's "Meme of the Year."
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LinkedIn bans prostitutes, the world’s oldest occupation

Prostitution may be legal in many parts of the world, but LinkedIn's user policy has been modified to ban individuals in the industry from using the site.
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Are the Jimmy Kimmel ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ segments faked?

It would be a real slap in the face if the celebrities that people commonly diss on Twitter actually read the offending tweets. The question is, do they? As the installments have continued, eyebrows are being raised as to the authenticity…
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If you can’t spare $25 for a fake Yelp review, there’s plenty available for $5

Yet another Craigslist ad looking for fake Yelp review writers has been found - but when you dig even a tiny bit deeper, you can find steals on fake reviews all across the Web.
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Snapchat (sort of) admits your old picture data doesn’t exactly disappear

After we found out that Snapchats aren't as expiration-friendly as we originally thought they were, the app is responding. Turns out ... yes, you can get Snapchats back if you're willing to pay, and the team is willing to admit.
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Facebook cuts off Social Roulette, app with 1-in-6 chance of killing your Facebook account

Social Roulette is a risky game with a 1-in-6 chance of having your Facebook account deleted, but Facebook has cut off the app's access to Facebook's API. But worry not: The team is trying to bring a workaround back so you, too, can get the…
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Vine gets its first brand partnership with Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Khao Phan, a growing Vine "star," is part of the Peanuts gang after being hired to create 12 Vines for Peanuts Worldwide. It's the first official partnership Vine has inked since launching a mere 100 days ago.